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How To Get Started With Email Marketing In 5 Easy Steps

How To Get Started With Email Marketing In 5 Easy Steps

What if we told you that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract more customers?  Well, it’s true!  If you want your F&B business to succeed, email marketing is the most profitable form of online marketing.  But first things first, what is email marketing? Email marketing is the practice of sending […]

9 F&B Pricing Strategies To Increase Your Profits

9 FnB Pricing Strategies To Increase Your Profits

Getting the right pricing strategy is important for the long-term success of your F&B business. However, it is not the easiest thing to get right.  You have to get the right balance of covering all the operational costs whilst also not scaring customers away with high prices.  Your pricing strategy is crucial in determining: how […]

The Ultimate Menu Design Guide For Restaurants

The Ultimate Menu Design Guide For Restaurants

Did you know that a good menu design is proven to increase profits by 10-15%? Besides increasing profits, a well-designed menu can also improve the customer dining experience, stimulate your customer’s appetite, influence customer buying decisions and boost the brand image of your restaurant.  How crazy is that?  Who would’ve thought that a menu could […]

7 Offline Marketing Strategies Guaranteed To Increase Your F&B Sales

7 Restaurant Crisis Management Tips You Need To Know

With more cafes and restaurants popping up everyday, people have plenty of possible options to satisfy their food cravings. Whether it be curry, hot pot or insta-worthy desserts, it is no longer enough for F&B businesses to only have great tasting food.  As the food and beverage industry becomes more competitive, you’ll need stronger marketing […]

How Pokok KL Survived And Thrived Through MCO

How Pokok KL survived and thrived through MCO

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic hit Malaysian businesses hard.  According to ACCA, 49% of local businesses are predicted to close in 12 months.  On 18th March 2020, Malaysia went on a nationwide lockdown, locally known as Movement Control Order (MCO). For 3 long months, restaurants and cafes were not allowed to open for […]

Customer Service 101: 9 Top Tips For Restaurants And Cafes

Customer Service 101: 9 Top Tips For Restaurants and Cafes

Did you know that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for great customer experience?  Eating out at a restaurant is not just about eating good food. If customers are going to be spending money at your restaurant, they’ll be expecting a good dining experience in return.  For an F&B business, great customer service […]

F&B New Normal: 5 Things For Success In The Future Of Dining

F&B new normal the future of dining thumbnail StoreHub blog

Dine-ins are now allowed for those who are fully vaccinated in phase 1. That means F&B businesses like restaurants and cafes need to be ready to welcome customers back AND make more SALES! That’s why we’ve elaborated 5 key factors and even added step-by-step guides on how you can sustain your business and succeed with […]

Google My Business 101 For Malaysian Restaurants & Cafes

storehub step-by-step google my business 101

Most business owners understand the importance of marketing and how it plays a huge role in getting and finding new customers. And one of the strategies in marketing is to spend more money so your business will get lots of attention and hopefully make more sales. But this is not advisable if your business doesn’t […]

Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide For Restaurants & Cafes

Social Media Marketing Ultimate Guide Restaurants And Cafes F&B Business Malaysia StoreHub

How do you grow online without a marketing budget for your restaurant or cafe? With social media marketing! That’s how. You don’t need a marketing budget to grow your online presence. Don’t underestimate the power of your regular customers, because these guys are your biggest brand ambassadors. And leveraging social media allows your customers to […]

3 Apps to create the Best Social Media Posts & Food Delivery Menu

PEOPLE EAT WITH THEIR EYES. We know that the quality of an image has a significant effect on a person’s behavior. Our data has also shown that some of the top-performing images on social media of food are images with text. The right messaging paired with the right image will tell customers exactly what you’re […]

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