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The StoreHub Story

StoreHub is an all-in-one platform that enables retailers and restaurants across Southeast Asia to automate and grow their businesses. 

Our platform provides an ecosystem of solutions ranging from a cloud-based POS system, to QR-based table ordering, loyalty, customer engagement, and more.

Serving needs, not just profits

Launched in 2013, StoreHub now serves over 15,000 retail and restaurant outlets across our key markets of Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and others.


In the fast-changing world we live in, it is critical for businesses to use technology to not just survive but to thrive.


We also believe that it is incredibly important to bring the best technology not only to those who can afford it but to those who have traditionally been marginalised by the technology race.


That’s why it is our mission to make technology available for everyone, big or small, enabling all businesses to grow successfully and sustainably.


Hubbers who are committed to your success


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Meet our Leadership Team

Wai Hong Fong​

Chieftain &

Accidental Entrepreneur. Geek@Heart. Foodie. Failed 5Subs @ Uni playing Computer Games. Impatient for action and fascinated with ideas.

Congyu Li


Constantly Curious. Explorer Spirit. Code Genius. Compassionate Soul. Eats challenging code and algorithms for breakfast.

Gregory Chang

Head of Sales &
Customer Experience

Man of Courage. Purpose Driven. Meaning Seeker. Da Little Prince. Sings out loud while driving for miles on open highways. Thinks it’s therapeutic.

Xin-Ci Chin

Head of Growth

Feminist. Foodie. Film photography enthusiast. Furiously curious. Fascination with what makes people tick, design, and alliteration.

Jonathan Nyst

Head of Marketing

Former war photographer hopeful. Marketing storyteller, believes in leading with vulnerability. “Do the right things right, time and time again”.

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