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Boost customer advocacy with StoreHub’s Loyalty Program

Reward existing customers and drive repeat purchases

Seamless customer experience

All customers need is their mobile phones

Flexible according to your business needs

A loyalty program that fits your business

Build your own customer database effortlessly

Leverage customer insights​

Collect customer data upon checkout and identify who your most loyal ones are

Engage with customers

Share new releases, offers, and promotions with your customers through SMS or email marketing

Integrated rewards program

Customise in-store and online promotions easily

Enable your choice of Cashback or Store Credit and set your preferred amount

Easy to redeem for customers

Quick and easy redemption on your customer’s next purchase

Turn transactions into long-term relationships

Gain a better understanding of user behaviour

Analyse number of visits and purchase value per customer

Apply targeted, engaging promotions

Accurately target loyal customers with relevant offers at the right time

Give your customers a reason to return and spend more

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