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Enable a Digital Ordering Experience with StoreHub’s QR Order & Pay

With StoreHub QR Order & Pay, your customers can easily scan a QR code to browse the menu, order, and pay – all from their mobile devices.

Combat labour shortage

Reduce wait times, and simplify the payment experience for your staff & your customers.

Increase revenue and average order size

Increase table turnover by 50% and increase your average order size by up to 20%.

Collect customer data easily

Collect customer data on each transaction and use that to power your marketing and loyalty programmes.

Simplify restaurant operations

Seamless ordering process

Customers can browse and order with just a scan of the QR code, and orders are sent directly to your POS and kitchen printers.

Easy to set up and implement

Choose between static QR codes for each table or dynamic QR codes that can be printed on demand using just your receipt printer.

Flexible and customisable

With Dynamic QR codes, you can set dining time limits and modify your table layouts, depending on how busy your restaurant gets.

Automatically accept popular payment methods

Enable eWallet, credit or debit cards, online banking, and cash payment options for your customers.

Improve your menu, improve conversions

Update and customise your menu anytime

Easily update your menu with seasonal items. Save on printing.

Enhance your customers’ ordering experience

Help your customers order better with high-definition food images and descriptions.

Build customer loyalty

Get valuable insights on your customers

Collect useful customer data such as their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdays.

Improve customer loyalty and increase sales

Identify your loyal customers and engage with them through SMS or email marketing.

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