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Connect with customers and increase repeat purchases with StoreHub SMS Marketing

Run targeted promotions and increase revenue with SMS marketing


Run SMS marketing campaigns to engage with your customers


Integrated with the StoreHub POS, Online Ordering, and Order & Pay at Table


Deliver the right message to the right people, at the right time

An SMS marketing tool integrated with your point of sale to simplify operations

Create your own database

Automatically collect data from customers who order from you so that you can create your own database.

One tool to power your whole business

Run SMS marketing campaigns from the same platform you already use to run your business. All the data you need – in one place.

Designed for busy business owners like yourself

Minimise manual work

Targeted SMS based on customer behaviours helps you to save time and effort.

Ensure new customers come back

Welcome SMSes to encourage customers to return.

Bring back lapsed customers

“We miss you” SMSes to entice customers to come back.

Reward loyal and high transacting customers

Thank and reward your customers for a more personalised experience.

Send targeted promotions to customers

Send the right message at the right time

Tailor campaigns to meet customer needs and expectations

Foster deeper connections

Build stronger customer relationships by reaching out to them in a meaningful way

Enable SMS marketing for your business today

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