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Enable easier Takeaway and Pickup Orders

Say goodbye to queues and enhance customers’ ordering experience with StoreHub’s Takeaway and Pickup Orders

Restaurants on StoreHub’s Takeaway and Pickup have seen 8x more transactions

Open up more revenue streams

Allow your customers to choose between self-pickup and takeaway orders

Contactless Ordering

Provide your customers with a safer ordering experience through contactless ordering

Lower fees

Maintain your margins without paying upfront costs

Simplify operations while protecting your profits

Automated order-taking

Stop taking orders manually – no more WhatsApp ordering required

Low transaction fees, 0 upfront cost

Pay only 2% transaction fees for Takeaway and Pickup via the Beep App

Seamless integration

Point of sale integration

Orders are sent directly to your POS and kitchen, so you won’t need to enter the same order twice

Synced with inventory

Orders are synced with your inventory, so you can keep track of ingredients and menu items without worry

Better order flow

Control order flow during peak times and stop taking orders when you’re at full capacity

Stay in control of your customers’ experience

Collect customers’ data

Once a customer places an order, their data is stored in your point of sale

Detailed insights

Gain access to reporting and analytics that outline Takeaway and Pickup trends in your business.

Enable Takeaway and Pickup for your business today.

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