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F&B New Normal: 5 Things For Success In The Future Of Dining

F&B new normal the future of dining thumbnail StoreHub blog

Dine-ins are now allowed for those who are fully vaccinated in phase 1. That means F&B businesses like restaurants and cafes need to be ready to welcome customers back AND make more SALES! That’s why we’ve elaborated 5 key factors and even added step-by-step guides on how you can sustain your business and succeed with […]

Impak Covid-19 ke Atas SME di Malaysia


Pada hari Jumaat, 10 April 2020, kerajaan Malaysia mengumumkan lanjutan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan di seluruh negara sehingga 28 April 2020 dalam usaha memerangi penularan wabak Coronavirus (COVID-19). Perintah tersebut dikeluarkan bagi mengelakkan penularan semula wabak ini dalam masyarakat, sejajar dengan pandangan Pertubuhan Kesihatan Dunia (WHO) yang menyarankan negara-negara supaya tidak menamatkan perintah kawalan pergerakan terlalu awal.  Apakah maksud pelanjutan kawalan pergerakan […]

A Step-By-Step Guide On Starting A Retail Business

Starting A Retail Business In Malaysia

Are you dreaming of opening your own retail store in Malaysia? But not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place! The size of the retail industry offers many rewarding opportunities for entrepreneurs like yourself! However, it is extremely competitive which makes it super risky. This is why careful planning is crucial!  Feeling […]

Starting An F&B Business In Malaysia: A Step-By-Step Guide

F&B business Malaysia guide thumbnail

Want to start your own F&B business in Malaysia in 2021? Unfortunately, it may be harder than you think.  How do you get a business license in Malaysia?  What food and beverage should you sell? How many potential competitors are there in the food and beverage industry? SME Bank reported that up to 50% of […]

Choosing The Right POS System for Small Businesses

choosing the right pos system for small retail or restaurant businesses

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are vital to operating a successful business. A POS system should help you receive and process various payment methods efficiently and securely.  If you’re looking for a POS system for a small retail or restaurant business, then you’ve come to the right place! With the many features and benefits it provides, a […]

Types of POS Systems

Types of POS Systems

Why should you invest in a POS system? Running a business is not easy. It comes with its various set of challenges that can feel ever-changing at times.  It can mean long hours with weekends and holidays taken away as those are the days that are really busy for your business.  You may be tired […]

15 POS Reports and Data Businesses Should Be Using in 2021

POS reports and data businesses should be using

Did you know that a modern cloud-based POS system can do all your business reporting needs for you in 2021?  But how? Your POS system gathers all the information from your day-to-day operations and automatically generates data analytics and reports telling you exactly how your business is doing. The data collected can give you valuable […]

Traditional vs. Cloud-based POS System

Traditional vs. Cloud-based POS system

Traditional vs. Cloud-based POS System   Deciding between getting a traditional or a cloud-based POS system?   Running a business comes with making a lot of decisions. Sometimes, business owners struggle with making the right ones. We understand.  It can be hard to decide which point of sale system is the right one for you. But […]

Employee Management 101: Tips On How To Manage Your Staff

employee management 101 how to manage your staff

Employee Management 101: Tips To Manage Staff Effectively A crucial step to the success of running your small business in 2020 is good employee management. Through skillful staff management, you can create a functional and efficient work environment.  Your staff are the people that power the growth of your company and help to operate the […]

How A POS System Can Help With Your Customer Loyalty

POS customer loyalty blog

How A POS System Can Help With Your Customer Loyalty Did you know that most retailers never see 45% of their customers a second time?  Many retailers spend more on attracting new customers because: They don’t know how to effectively manage customer loyalty and think its more difficult to do They think it’s less profitable […]

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