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How Much Your Online Food Ordering System Really Costs You

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Despite the continued success of our national immunisation programme and the reopening of dine-ins, there’s a large segment of Malaysians who have been so used to ordering online that they’re still continuing to do s Therefore, it is essential that restaurants still have an online ordering system in place to reach a wider range of […]

5 Tips to Elevate Customer Experience post-Pandemic

5 Tips to Elevate Customer Experience Post-Pandemic

Customer experience in the post-pandemic era is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a shift in consumer behaviour – and people are generally more thoughtful and selective in the decision-making process.  In order to meet and manage these new customer expectations, we need to re-imagine the customer experience and implement solutions that improve […]

5 Food Photography Tricks Proven To Make People Hungry

Food photography tips proven to make people hungry

“The camera eats first” Have you seen food pictures that have automatically made you hungry? How do people take such beautiful pictures of food that it almost looks unreal? But when you take the photo, it just doesn’t look as good or do the meal justice on how great it tasted?  High quality food photography […]

9 Best Ways To Reduce F&B Operating Costs

9 Best Ways To Reduce Operating Cost

Did you know that labour and inventory cost can take up 50-70% of your total restaurant sales? Even if your sales are high, your profits may not be due to these high costs. So it is very important that you keep these costs under control!  By now, you probably already know that some costs are […]

How Pokok KL Survived And Thrived Through MCO

How Pokok KL survived and thrived through MCO

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic hit Malaysian businesses hard.  According to ACCA, 49% of local businesses are predicted to close in 12 months.  On 18th March 2020, Malaysia went on a nationwide lockdown, locally known as Movement Control Order (MCO). For 3 long months, restaurants and cafes were not allowed to open for […]

15 POS Reports and Data Businesses Should Be Using in 2021

POS reports and data businesses should be using

Did you know that a modern cloud-based POS system can do all your business reporting needs for you in 2021?  But how? Your POS system gathers all the information from your day-to-day operations and automatically generates data analytics and reports telling you exactly how your business is doing. The data collected can give you valuable […]

27 Key POS System Features

Key POS features to look for when choosing a POS system

27 Key POS Features To Look For When Choosing A POS System It’s time to finally answer the most commonly asked questions:  What exactly is a POS system?  How is it different from a cash register?  What features does a POS system have?  First things first, POS stands for ‘Point of Sale’.  A POS system […]

How Did Bubble Tea Become So Popular

bubble tea popular trend

Xing Fu Tang, Da Boba, The Alley and Tealive…. these names are everywhere! And they’re just a few of many bubble tea stores in Malaysia out there. It’s 2021 and there are even more shops popping up: Bubble Bee, Black Whale, Niko Neko Matcha, Yi Fang etc… Despite the strong competition in the bubble tea […]

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