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9 Creative CNY Marketing Strategies

Chinese New Year is just around the corner!  That means it’s time to get your marketing campaigns ready to run.  Not sure what to do this year? Here are 9 creative Chinese New Year promotion ideas that’ll help you stand out from the sea of discounts!  Customise your Ang Pow packets Run a contest or […]

Google My Business 101 For Malaysian Restaurants & Cafes

storehub step-by-step google my business 101

Most business owners understand the importance of marketing and how it plays a huge role in getting and finding new customers. And one of the strategies in marketing is to spend more money so your business will get lots of attention and hopefully make more sales. But this is not advisable if your business doesn’t […]

11 Powerful Tools To Increase Online Shop Sales


You’ve created your ecommerce store.  Now what? No matter where you are in your online selling journey, one thing that you should always work on is improving the customer experience of your website. A better customer experience = less friction for the customer when shopping = happy customer = customer who is more willing to […]

15 StoreHub Features You Need To Use For Your Business

storehub features

Are you a current StoreHub POS system user? If so, you probably already know how to use the StoreHub BackOffice. But, are you utilising all of its features to help your business? To make your life easier, I’ll share with you 15 useful features that can help increase your business productivity. I’ve segregated them into […]

Web Design Tips: 4 Essential Pages You Need On Your Website

online website home page

Running an online store, the first and most important page is your home page. This is the first thing your website visitors will see when they search you up. Ideally, it should introduce your brand’s best sellers and different categories of products or services that you offer. In fact, most people spend the most time […]

Product Photography 101: Starting Your Online Store

dslr camera

Are you a small business owner starting your online business? If so, having hi-res photos are crucial for your online website. Your images are the first thing that your customers look at when deciding whether to trust your brand or make a purchase. Having aesthetically pleasing photos will encourage your web visitors to keep scrolling […]

10 Smart Ways To Grow Your Small Business With Social Media 

applications apps blur phone

Social media is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness by creating content. It’s where most, if not all of your target market is browsing now. According to IAMK, 97.3% of Malaysian Internet users have at least a Facebook account. In population numbers, that’s 23.83 million of Malaysians you could be reaching! Whereas […]

8 Effective Ways To Boost Website Traffic (Try #2 First)


“I have a new online store but there’s barely any traffic. What can I do to increase sales?” We spoke to many of our clients new to ecommerce and this thought has always crossed their minds. Regardless of whether you have an established brick and mortar store or not, your main objective should be to […]

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