8 Creative CNY Marketing Strategies

Chinese New Year is coming! That means it’s time to get your marketing campaigns ready to run!

Start building up momentum by advertising your products even before the holidays (preferably 4 weeks ahead).

As the CNY day kicks in, change your campaign focus to driving sales online and in stores.

Not sure what to do this year?

We’ve come up with 8 creative CNY marketing strategies for you to follow!

1. Customise Your Ang Pow Packets

Printing out ang pows or red packets with your branding is a good way to get brand awareness as ang pows are distributed around during CNY. Slip in a promotional voucher or print a promo code on the back of the ang pow!

This works as a brand referral to the ang pow packet receivers. If it catches their attention, they might even make their first purchase with you.

Just make sure that your ang pow packet design is attractive and relevant to your branding as well as your customers. 

Suggestion: Give out 10 ang pow packets to shoppers that spend min. RM200 or have them delivered to your most loyal customers as a season greeting.

2. Run A Contest

No one would resist a free gift that’s easy to take part in.

Plan out a giveaway related to the festive season or a new year’s resolution. The giveaway can be held on social media, your physical store, your website, or a separate landing page. Try a few and see which works out best for you.   

Examples of mechanics you can use to run your contest:

  • Commenting
  • Liking a post
  • Tagging friends/ Bring a friend
  • Posting a photo
  • Sharing a post
  • Answering a question
  • Gift with a purchase/ credit top up

Think about your goal. Is it to get engagement, more followers, purchases or website clicks?

3. Do a Live Video

According to Vimeo Livestream,  82% of audiences prefer watching live videos from brands over social posts while Adelie Studios found that 70% of marketers get more conversions via video than when using any other content.

How to optimise your live video marketing:

  • Offer Discounts and Promotions During Your Video. This works as a good teaser to get your customers to watch your video for a better deal too.
  • Product demos are a great way to offer useful tips and how-to information. Giving valuable information is as equally important as promote your product. Check out how Benefit Cosmetics’ does their live Facebook videos.
  • Get an influencer/ brand ambassador to do your live video with you! For B2C businesses, find a suitable influencer to help you increase your video view and get your brand noticed by their fans. As for B2B businesses, get your successful clients to be part of your live video or to do a social media takeover so they can educate your followers about their journey with you.
  • Charge for access to your live video or sell the recorded video. This works particularly well if you are selling a business course or knowledge-based live video.

Check out how these brands did their Live Videos effectively.

4. Drive Purchase Via Cross Channel Marketing 


  • Feature multiple best sellers using carousel ads. Using dynamic product ads, you can remarket relevant products to your website visitors, and to be even more specific, to those that abandoned cart at checkout.

Social Media

  • Post up your New Arrivals on social media. Repost your customer testimonials, if any. This includes stories on Facebook and Instagram.


  • Send out newsletters with an attractive graphic showcasing your collection for CNY.

WhatsApp/ Other Chat Groups

  • Put your most loyal customers into messaging apps so you can directly inform them about any updates.

5. Window Display

If you own a physical store, one way to stand out from other stores is via your window display!

It is the first point of visual contact a potential customer has with your store that could increase your store walk-in traffic and convince your customers toward making a purchase. So, make it count!

Your window display should highlight any promotion that you are running, or your new CNY product collection.

What else?

Think of ways you can educate your customer about your brand and product – Design eye-catching visuals about your product features, its benefits, testimonials or displays of your product in use, inside your physical store!

If you own an online store, do the same for your website banner as it will be the first thing your website visitors see.

6. Plan An Event

During CNY, many brands spend on marketing their festive collections and it’s easy for customers to get distracted with all that noise.

One way to remind your customers about you – plan an event. Make it an exclusive one, only for your most loyal customers to thank and appreciate them for their support. Ideally, the event should have activities that your customers cannot resist.

Personalisation always works! For instance, having workshops that allow customers to customise their own t-shirt for free.

Find out what your customers prefer. Make use of the Poll function on your Insta Story. 

7. Provide Useful Content

When people think about CNY, it usually involves house visiting, gifts, ang pows, home decorations, new clothes, cookies and more.

How can you or your product help customers prepare for CNY?

Create useful content and find ways you can incorporate your product into it. These tips can be in the form of video, article, photos, or album posts.

Examples for your reference:

  • If you own a cafe, create a guide on how to make cookies using your product.
  • If you own a clothing retail store, plan out a ‘What To Wear For CNY’.
  • If you own a home & living company, film a video tutorial on ‘Top 5 Ways To Decorate Your House For CNY’.

8. Collaborations

Whether you are a small or big business, collaborations are always beneficial for both parties. It helps to increase your brand exposure by leveraging on each other’s customers, as compared to when working alone.

However, it’s important that you pick the right partner by doing your research.

Look at their marketing activities, brand values, target audience, where they’re getting most customer engagement, and whether their products compliment yours.

Once you’ve found your partner, figure our the best way to collaborate! Create a bundle CNY gift, run a giveaway together to grow you social media following, do cross-promotions, etc.

Example: If you own a cookie business, partner with a beverage company to bundle a gift at a special price.

That’s it!

Which strategies will you be trying this year?

Let us know in the comments below!

Pei Hsien Goh

Pei Hsien is a Digital Marketer at StoreHub. With her past digital marketing experience in an online fashion startup, she now helps StoreHub Ecommerce customers grow their online business.