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5 Ecommerce Fashion Brands to Check Out This Raya!

StoreHub blog cover 5 favourite raya collection-02-min.jpg

It’s that lovely time of the year, again! With all the exciting merriment and anticipation however – Hari Raya this year will be historically one of the most unprecedented ever; thanks to the conditional MCO resulted by the Covid 19 pandemic affecting the whole world. Social distancing, cashless duit raya and a maximum number of […]

15 POS Reports and Data Businesses Should Be Using in 2021

POS reports and data businesses should be using

Did you know that a modern cloud-based POS system can do all your business reporting needs for you in 2021?  But how? Your POS system gathers all the information from your day-to-day operations and automatically generates data analytics and reports telling you exactly how your business is doing. The data collected can give you valuable […]

Employee Management 101: Tips On How To Manage Your Staff

employee management 101 how to manage your staff

Employee Management 101: Tips To Manage Staff Effectively A crucial step to the success of running your small business in 2020 is good employee management. Through skillful staff management, you can create a functional and efficient work environment.  Your staff are the people that power the growth of your company and help to operate the […]

How A POS System Can Help With Your Customer Loyalty

POS customer loyalty blog

How A POS System Can Help With Your Customer Loyalty Did you know that most retailers never see 45% of their customers a second time?  Many retailers spend more on attracting new customers because: They don’t know how to effectively manage customer loyalty and think its more difficult to do They think it’s less profitable […]

5 Ways To Collect Customer Data Without Being Pushy

smart ways to collect customer data thumbnail

Customer data helps your small business in many ways. It lets you understand your customers better – who they are, what they like, what they don’t like, when they’re likely to make a purchase, and so on. All these insights will then help you make better business decisions on staff shift scheduling, what to stock […]

7 Insightful StoreHub Reports For Better Data-Driven Business Decisions

StoreHub Reports for business

A big reason why you should get a modern cloud-based POS system like StoreHub for your business is all the reporting it can do for you.  How? Well you run and manage your business with your point of sale (POS) system on a daily basis. So there’s a lot of data for it to capture.  […]

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