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StoreHub Engage vs Mulah: Which SMS Marketing Tool is better for your business?

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Did you know that getting a new customer is up to 25 times more expensive than keeping current ones?

That’s why SMS Marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers, even after their purchase. This keeps them engaged and, as a result, boosts your revenue in the long run.

There are two popular options: StoreHub Engage and Mulah Rewards. 

Let’s dive into each SMS marketing tool and see how they stack up.

What is StoreHub Engage

Asian girl smiling happily upon receiving a promotional text message via SMS marketing StoreHub Engage is an automated SMS Marketing Tool that lets you send personalised and targeted messages to your customers. It’s built to drive loyalty by encouraging repeat purchases through reminders, promotions, and discounts. 

SMS campaigns only take minutes to set-up, and will continue to send automatically. Engage is also fully integrated with StoreHub’s POS system, allowing you to automatically collect your customer’s data when they order online, via QR Order & Pay at Table, or claim their Cashback

The best part is: you can choose from various campaigns, so you don’t have to write them yourself.

  • Cashback Reminders: prompt customers to make repeat purchases by reminding them of to claim their cashback balance
  • Birthday Promotions: make your customers feel special with promotions on their special day!
  • Win Back Lost Customers: re-engage with previous customers who haven’t made a purchase recently, offering incentives to return.
  • Welcome New Customers: Offer your new customers a welcome promotion they can’t resist!
  • And more!

Custom Campaigns: new product in-store? MEGA sale happening soon? Whatever is happening in your business, you can customise your SMSes to let customers know! Some businesses have even seen a return of RM50 for every RM1 spent on StoreHub Engage. Just see what Jeremy Teoh, co-founder of Urban Daybreak, had to say about StoreHub Engage:

It’s definitely effective and I’m sure that it’ll do good alongside automated campaigns. It is a very good gesture to be able to automatically send personalised SMS to customers who have not visited for some time and we should keep it up.”

What is Mulah Rewards 

Mulah Rewards is a marketing platform that uses its SMS services to create loyalty and customer engagement.

Businesses can reward their customers with a wide range of options such as discounts or promotions through SMS to keep them coming back.

StoreHub vs Mulah: main comparison

Here’s a sneak peek of how SMSes from each platform will look, with StoreHub Engage on the left and Mulah Rewards on the  right.

A woman is checking her SMS for a promotional offer on the left and a SMS marketing promotion on the right.

Need a clearer comparison on both SMS marketing tools to make your decision? Here’s an overview of StoreHub Engage and Mulah Rewards’ features and prices.

  StoreHub Engage Mulah Rewards
Main functions Run automated SMS marketing campaigns to engage with your customers POS system, QR code ordering, loyalty

RM990/ year for unlimited SMS at RM0.15 per SMS

RM4,235/ year for 1,500 free SMS at RM0.11 per SMS subsequently

  • Cashback Reminders
  • Birthday Promotions
  • Win Back Lost Customers
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Custom campaigns only
POS integration Yes No
Customer data collection method Customers manually enter contact details

Asian girl smiling while holding an iced coffee in a takeaway cup and a phone in her other hand

Collecting and using customer data is crucial for tailoring your messages effectively. It allows you to target specific customer segments with personalised offers for you to make better business decisions.

StoreHub Engage automatically collects customer data through online ordering, ordering via QR Order & Pay, and Cashback redemptions. This process is seamlessly integrated with the checkout and rewards system, eliminating the need for staff to ask customers for their contact details separately.

On the other hand, Mulah Rewards offers data collection through a separate device where customers have to manually input their contact details upon payment.  You can then use these contact details to send out gift vouchers and other rewards.

Growing your loyal customers: StoreHub Engage vs Mulah Rewards

Asian business owner smiling and chatting with customer at cafe or restaurant

The success of your SMS marketing campaign (or your business) depends on its ability to grow a loyal customer base. That’s why understanding your customers’ behaviours is important for crafting impactful SMSes.

Engage is directly integrated with StoreHub’s POS system, which has over 30 features designed to automate and grow businesses. This includes powerful reports that provide valuable customer insights so that you can send the right messages to the right customers. This allows you to send personalised promotions and offers, targeting specific customer segments based on their preferences. 

On the other hand, Mulah Rewards is exclusively a rewards system. It facilitates customer data collection for sending SMS messages, encouraging repeat visits to your store. While you will see results with Mulah, it may come more slowly due to its limited capabilities.

Summary: which is better for your business

Asian girl laughing while holding a coffee cup in hand in a cafe

StoreHub Engage offers a comprehensive SMS Marketing tool that’s easy to set up. It is also automated, with user-friendly features designed to set you up for success. What’s more, it seamlessly integrates with StoreHub POS, providing valuable customer insights.

Meanwhile, Mulah Rewards provides a straightforward loyalty program for businesses looking to enhance customer retention. 

Whether you prefer a seamless SMS marketing tool with integrated POS capabilities or a simple loyalty program, both Mulah Rewards and StoreHub Engage have you covered based on your preferences.

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