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Enable Self-Ordering with StoreHub's Order & Pay at Table System

Empower your customers to take charge of their ordering experience using only their mobile devices

Provide faster service with Order & Pay at Table

Increase profits

Serve your customers better and increase transactions by ~80%

Higher turnover with fewer staff

Speed up table turnover without the need for additional staff

Bring your customer back

Collect valuable information about your customers to keep them coming back for more

Simplify restaurant operations

A seamless ordering process

Customers can browse your menu and order on one tab, as well as make payment based on their preferred method

Enables operational efficiency

Order & Pay at Table is integrated into your Point of Sale and kitchen printers

Automatically accept the most popular payment methods

Enable GrabPay, TNG eWallet, Boost, Credit / Debit Card, Online Banking, and Cash payments

Provide faster service

Reduce labour costs

Cover the floor with fewer staff, provide better customer experience, and increase transactions by ~80%

Fewer human errors

Staff will not need to take orders, eliminating the possibility of order errors

Faster service

Our Order & Pay at Table system sends your orders directly to the kitchen to speed up service

Better menu, better conversions

Easily customisable online menu

Offering seasonal menu items? Your online menu can be customised quickly and easily

Improved menu design

Entice customers with food images whilst saving on printing costs

Bring your Customers Back

Increase sales with customer data

Collect valuable customer data such as their names and phone numbers

Know your best customers

Build your customer database so that you can get to know who orders what

Hear from successful businesses already on StoreHub’s Order & Pay at Table

Enable Contactless Order & Pay at Table For Your Restaurant

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