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How Cafes and Restaurants Can Support Local Communities During COVID-19

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We’ve been seeing a surge in cafes and restaurants now providing delivery options since the MCO was announced.

Not taking away from the severity and seriousness of COVID-19, but there is a positive to take away from all of this. 

This pandemic basically forced business owners to become more tech-savvy and that is something we can look forward to seeing how it plays out after this is said and done.

But the fact is, we’d be lying if we said that everyone will adopt this new way of doing business.

That’s because most of our local SME’s are run by aunties and uncles in hawker stalls and kopitiams, serving some of our favourite foods we’ve been eating since our childhood.

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Unfortunately, many of them are not tech-savvy and will therefore suffer the most.

It would be tough to ask them to use an online delivery system when they may have difficulties even using a smartphone.

This is a big issue because we run the risk of losing some of our local favourites if we don’t take any action.

Therefore we would like to urge you business owners who may already be providing a delivery service, to help support local businesses in your community.

Let’s work together because we’re all in this pandemic together.

We’ve seen some amazing examples like how one of our merchants is partnering with their neighbouring store:

Heaven Eat Lamarsa Coffee
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Heaven Eat x Lamarsa

Heaven Eat has listed Lamarsa coffee on their beepit.com store to provide them their own delivery service.

Instead of working against one another, they’ve decided to complement each other by providing a full menu of food & beverages. 

It’s stories like these that give us the belief that everything will be okay… When we work TOGETHER.

Amongst other businesses who are helping their local community, we’re also running a campaign: #FeedTheFrontliners

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