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5 Trending Fashion Items in Malaysia


The retail clothing industry is a competitive one, especially against big brands like H&M and Uniqlo. So how do you compete with the big boys?  

If you are a fashion retail owner, it’s not all doom and gloom. Some of our local brands have founded or created niche fashion items that are doing well, in their own styles!

Here are 5 trending fashion items in Malaysia:

1. Snapback Caps

Wish to be one of those cool kids? Wear a cap that speaks swag all over. The cap craze is hugely influenced by the hip hop culture since its emergence in the 1970s. Today, it’s still a big hit, especially among youngsters. The Swagger Salon, The Cap City, and RARE Clothing are some Malaysian streetwear brands that design and carry snapback caps that amplify your swag with bold statements like LANSI and OBEY.

2. Head scarves

Good news for our fellow Muslimah readers! Headscarves and shawls are now accessories that are making bold fashion statements without compromising the fundamental values of wearing a tudung. Here are some big Muslimah brands in the Malaysian market:

3. Graphic Tees

Remember those days when oversized shirts were in style?  When girls looked all snuggly, cool and loved wearing their boyfriends’ clothing? With graphic tees, there’s no need to borrow someone else’s clothes. The cute/cool look is now for EVERYBODY!

Here’s a beautiful quote by Supercrew on their trendy unisex t-shirts, “Clothing doesn’t define your sexuality. It defines who you really are.” Spot on! Check out these Malaysian streetwear brands….

4. Statement making watches

This quote “Suit Up Your Soul” by MEM Watches, which specializes in counterclockwise watches, perfectly describes how the makings of a watch can play a part in changing your life.

Video Bonus: If you’re keen to learn more on MEM Watches’ story, check out our write-up on them here!

Another brand, Loaded Inc, carries beautifully designed watches from Plus Minus, based in Singapore.

5. Sneakers

To strut like a boss, you can’t miss out on a pair of good kicks that are both comfortable and in style. Sneakers are no longer something you put on your feet – they are now a form a self expression, an extension of your fashion statement. Be sure to check out 28DC, Crossover, Fabspy and Hundred% Store for their awesome sneakers collection!

Have more items to add on to the list? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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