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Top 9 Vape Businesses In Malaysia

Vape is the new black. Or the new alternative to smoking. Or where the business opportunity is. Whatever it is, we know that more people are jumping onto the vaping bandwagon. These are some vape stores that are attracting a huge database of customers and fans.


 1. Vapebrothers

vape brothers store

According to its website, it is Malaysia’s number one personal vaporizer and e-cig retail store. Complete with a VB academy, which has articles and videos to help vapers learn and understand more about vaporizers, what sets them apart is their passion to educate the general public about the benefits of e-cigs.
Facebook: Vapebrothers


2. Vape Empire Sdn Bhd

vape empire store

Founded just in December 2013, Vape Empire has grown to be one of the main e-cig and vape merchandise distributors in Malaysia. Started humbly with dreams to build an empire, they have come far to dominate the industry with a whopping 45 stores all over Malaysia.
Facebook: VapeEmpireMalaysia


3. Star Vapers

star vapers store

Based in Alor Setar, Star Vapers is part of the Malaysian Organization of Vape Entity (MOVE). They strongly believe in the kinship with all vapers, as reflected in their slogan “All Vapers Are Brothers”, and that customer referrals is their best marketing tool! They recently organised a Cloud Chaser Contest in Malaysia, to see who can blow the biggest and densest cloud!
Facebook: StarVapers


4. VaporHub

star vapers store

VaporHub is widely recognized for their excellent customer service and competitive pricing. With three branches up and running within the Klang Valley, they are set to continue wowing the vape industry in Malaysia with all they’ve got.

Facebook: Elektronik.rokok.7, VaporHub Sunway, VaporHub Setapak


5. Vape Embassy

vape embassy store

One of the very few vape stores in Malaysia to cater to the ladies market. With two flagship stores located in Selangor and Penang, Vape Embassy is on a mission to expand the choices of e-juices available in the market. They are one of the main supports of the MOVEment, an online petition to protect vapers’ rights to vape and for the Malaysian government to regulate the vaping industry.
Facebook: VapeEmbassy, VapeEmbassyPG, Vape-Embassy-Kajang


6. Le Vaporz @ Kota Damansara

Le Vaporz store

One of the pioneers in electronic cigarettes in Malaysia, Le Vaporz was ranked as one of the most popular vape stores by The team hopes to bring people together by discussing and sharing vape resources within the community.
Facebook: Legadgets


7. Huff N Puff

huff n puff store

Huff n Puff is the epitome of fun outside of home! Located in Jaya One, this new concept cafe integrates cafe, board games, pool, vape and a “kickass hangout joint” altogether. As Malaysia’s first vape bar/store within a cafe, their simple goal is to provide a great place for people to chill out and unwind.

Facebook: HuffNPuffCafe


8. Kaizen Vape and Apparel Store

Kaizen Vape and Apparel Store

These guys take “vaping seriously since 2013” and true enough, they are one of the most highly sought for vape stores in Penang!

Facebook: KaizenVapestore


9. Liquid Store

liquid store

The one distributor and seller for most of Malaysia’s E-Liquid. Liquid Store has several stores, including Subang Jaya and Shah Alam. Don’t be fooled by their humble presence as they are one of the biggest vape influencers in Malaysia!

Facebook: Liquidstore22, LiquidstoreTanjongKarang, LiquidStoreShahAlam, LiquidStoreKL

Think we have missed out some vape stores that should be in the Top 9 list above? Let us know by leaving your comment below!

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