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StoreHub App 2.0 – The Future of Retail is Here

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So what’s new in StoreHub 2.0?

  • A total facelift, with an all natural look that we guarantee you will enjoy!
  • Our little boxes have grown up and they now feature colourful pictures and increased spacing for displaying longer product titles.
  • The iPad Layout boxes can also be adorned with a selection of 6 different coloured dresses that you can change to your liking.
  • Selling a $20,000 car? No problems. Your customer can now pay partially with a suitcase of cash and multiple credit cards. Split your payment however many ways you want.
  • Open orders are now 20x better. Okay, we kid. It’s only about 5x better. Seriously, try it.
  • The Transaction history page also got a massive upgrade with a lot more details, pictures and better searchability. Studying history has never been this fun before!
  • Customer information now gives a complete 360 view on everything – sales history, previously bought items, and the last time they visited you. Serving your customer just got a LOT easier and better.
  • Our upgraded shift report is now 3 pages of goodness. Gain eagle eye visibility into what happened during the shift.
  • Do you sell gift cards or cash vouchers? Now you can track redemptions with Store Credit(medium only). Allow your customers to use credit at a later date.

That’s all folks. Hope this update shows our 1000% commitment towards helping you make your business awesome.

Check out the StoreHub App in the App Store.

Rock on!

P.s. There are probably another 50 million other things that we changed and improved but we didn’t feel like we could fit it in here.

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