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7 Tips To Increase Sales For Small Retail Businesses

StoreHub Blog - 7 Top Tips To Increase Sales For Small Retail Businesses

Want to increase retail sales for your store? Or are you just looking to maintain a good sales momentum? Look no further because we have put together the best ways you, as a retailer, can get more sales! In the competitive retail environment, we understand how important sales are to you, so keep reading for […]

5 Cara Naik Sales Untuk Bisnes Restoran & Kafe Malaysia 2020

StoreHub tips marketing online strategi pemasaran restoran F&B kafe

Orait, dulu kami dah kongsi tips marketing online untuk naikkan sales bisnes anda. Kali ni pula kami akan kongsi 7 cara dapatkan sales bagi bisnes restoran dan kafe! Anda akan belajar: Cara dapatkan customer dengan mudah Cara tarik pelanggan dengan program ganjaran kesetiaan Teknik jualan untuk bisnes F&B Cara design menu untuk tingkatkan sales 3 […]

Webinar: How To Get Sales For Your F&B Business During Malaysia’s COVID-19 MCO

coronavirus COVID-19 Malaysia video webinar how to get F&B sales online small business SME StoreHub Beep Delivery blog

The 2-week MCO in Malaysia has been extended from 31 March to 14 April. Small businesses everywhere are scrambling to ensure that they can survive through this challenging time. In anticipation of this, we put together a live webinar on Facebook to share actionable tips on how entrepreneurs who own cafes, restaurants, and so on, can get […]

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