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7 Malaysian Cafes And Restaurants That Let You Treat Your Food Delivery Riders

#FeedTheFrontliners campaign Local Malaysian Cafes And Restaurants F&B Food-Delivery Riders Beep Delivery StoreHub blog thumbnail

It’s time we show our food delivery frontliners some love! We introduced the #FeedTheFrontliners campaign recently so F&B merchants and their customers can express their gratitude to the riders who are out every day during the MCO, delivering food to hungry tummies. Of course, you can also choose to treat our other frontliners as well – […]

How Are QR Codes Transforming China?

qr code payment china

China: The Cashless Society That Loves QR  Cash has now become a thing of the past in China. After having lived there for 8 years, I was surprised, when I went back to visit last year , that I couldn’t even buy a ‘Jian Bing’ (Chinese pancake) at a road corner shop with cash.The small […]

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