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Philippines: 7 Ways To Save Your F&B Business Sales

Philippines 7 Ways To Save Your F&B Business Sales [GCQ MECQ MGCQ]

Are you an owner or manager of a restaurant, bar or cafe in the Philippines?

Have you been struggling with decreasing F&B sales during the various levels of Community Quarantine?

Even it was recently announced that travelling from NCR to GCQ and MGCQ areas are allowed, that will not help F&B businesses in the Philippines bring back their sales to 100%.

While dine-in is now allowed at limited capacity, people still fear eating out as there is added anxiety in restaurant dining during COVID-19. 

With 70% of your F&B revenue depending on dine-in sales, how will your F&B business give customers peace of mind knowing that your restaurant is safe to dine in, but also drive sales at the same time? 

Read on as we’ve come up with a checklist of 7 ways to save your F&B business!

  1. Reach out on Facebook Groups
  2. Offer food delivery
  3. Contactless ordering
  4. Promote on social media
  5. Be creative with promotions
  6. Specialised online menu
  7. Get extra funding

Reach out for help on Facebook Groups

FB groups

Are you an existing member of any Facebook Groups?

If you aren’t, now’s the best time to join one! 

Facebook Groups are where like-minded people come together to share a common interest. 

This could mean a group filled with potential customers or fellow Filipino F&B business owners.

Chances are, tons of other Filipino F&B business owners are going through the same struggles as you, such as:

  • Low dine-in foot traffic
  • Declining sales 
  • Loads of extra stock 

Facebook Groups are the best place to ask for advice and to learn from what other business owners are doing to survive. 

Some businesses get new customers through Facebook Groups by simply posting about their food offerings! 

People in these groups tend to be more encouraging and supportive, so leverage it to your advantage! 

Want to know more FB Groups?

Here are few Facebook Groups to join: 

‘Entrepreneurs and Startups in the Philippines’ 

‘Restaurants Owners Group – Philippines’  

‘Market Place Philippines’ 

2. Deliver food to your customers

offer a food delivery option

Under the current guidelines, the movement of people across areas placed under GCQ or MGCQ shall be permitted, except for leisure purposes.

This combined with an increase in fear of going outside results in a drastic drop in dine-in sales. 

So what can you do?


Bring food to your customers if they can’t come to you! 

Did you know that the percentage of weekday food delivery went up by 38%?

Food delivery is a critical part of doing business during COVID-19. 

Without it, it’s going to be really hard to survive. 

If you’ve never offered food delivery before, it’s understandable that you probably have some genuine concerns. 

We understand these challenges and Beep Delivery is here to help! 

Beep Delivery is an affordable platform to replace Whatsapp/Call-in orders that won’t charge up to 35% in transaction fee! 

Beep Delivery is a ‘No Contact Delivery’ service. 

Both orders and payments are made online, instead of cash on delivery, to ensure end-to-end hygiene and safety.

With a 20km delivery radius, Beep Delivery also allows you to serve customers without distance limitations! 

3. Enable contactless ordering

contactless ordering option

It’s no surprise that people will be uncomfortable coming into close contact with others. 

Touching things that other people have touched will also be a big no-no. 

This means that having a contactless ordering and payment system is more important now than ever!

How do you do this?

QR order and pay! 

By having a digitalised menu, customers are refrained from touching physical menus that go through multiple hand exchanges. 

Not only does it give customers peace of mind knowing that your restaurant is safe to dine in, but it also drives sales at the same time! 

With Beep QR Order, you can:

  • Minimise human error from taking wrong orders
  • Accept cashless payments like debit/credit card, online banking, and ewallet
  • Go contactless to reduce touching between menu, staff, and customers
  • Increase table turnover and get more sales 

Contactless systems are now the way forward in the F&B industry.  

Prepare for the future of dining and get started with Beep QR Order now! 

4. Promote on social media

promote on social media

Use your social media accounts to promote your restaurant/cafe and stay top-of-mind for your customers. 

‘Canva For Negosyo’ has everything you need to design, market and manage your small business online. Check it out for sample marketing kits, branding tips, basic graphic design tips, ready-made social media templates, and more.

Also make sure that your most loyal customers know that you’re still open for dine-in or delivery and can see your sanitisation efforts. 

It’s super important to get the word out so people know you’re still open for business! 

If you own any customer data, such as their:

  • phone number
  • email address

Send them SMS messages or emails to update them on your restaurant’s status and promotions. 

Keep these messages personal! The more personalised the message, the better! 

It’s a guaranteed way to reach people stuck inside and there’s a good chance that they’ll want to come out of their house for a safe experience when they’re ready to. 

Not sure how to start with email marketing?

5. Be creative with your F&B promotions

F&B promotions

What’s one thing Filipinos love more than food?

Value for money! 

It’s time to look at GCQ as an opportunity to create new promotional strategies that not only provide value for money to your customers but also draw attention towards your brand! 

Here are a few unique F&B promotion strategies to try out! 

  • Quarantine ‘Cook-At-Home’ packs – to cater for those who are a little bit more afraid of “food delivery” food, you could provide a pack filled with ingredients for customers to cook themselves at home. 
  • Bundle meals – since people are most likely at home with family or friends, they’ll be ordering for a bunch of people. This is the perfect opportunity to provide a set meal that’ll cater for group meals! 
  • Work-from-home lunch specials – since most companies are encouraged to allow their employees to work-from-home, it’s an opportunity to provide set lunch deals catered to this group of consumers. 
  • Groceries –  If you have leftover stock, why not sell these to customers as well? Customers will then be able to get an online grocery alternative and you’ll get rid of stock! Win-win right?
  • Re-create the dine-in experience at home – create versions of your food for families to enjoy at home e.g. takeaway hot pot 
  • Gift cards for future dining experiences – this will help customers start to make plans for a return and help your restaurant survive with a bit of extra cash flow. 

6. Create a specialised online menu

Specialised online menu

Consider changing your menu for online and delivery.  

Think about reducing the size of your menu offerings and removing food items that won’t last through the delivery process. 

You could even add extra sections onto your online menu to cater for families e.g. a children’s section, family set meals. 

Some businesses even develop new food items specifically for takeaway or delivery. 

This could be a great opportunity to test out new products in the market before putting it in the menu permanently. 

Want an easy way to put your menu online and grow sales? 

7. Get extra funding

Extra funding

Is your small business struggling financially through this GCQ period? 

Here are two options that could help you obtain some extra funding:

1. Crowdfunding 

Crowdfunding is common amongst small and big businesses alike and it means getting funding from the public. 

All you have to do is create a pitch that convinces people to donate or invest in your business.

In the Philippines, you can get crowdfunding from these platforms:

2. Loans and Microfinance

Your small business could always apply for a loan to cover immediate expenses. 

Loans are a common way of financing companies, where you borrow an agreed amount from the investor/lender and then repay this amount and additional interest to them after a specified period of time. 

Here are a few microfinance loans for small business owners in the Philippines:

Additionally, you can check out Business Diary for a published a list of funding sources for businesses in the Philippines.

Stay safe and stay strong!

In all of this, it’s important that we adhere to the regulations set by the government. 

By following the safety guidelines and encouraging contactless delivery protocols, we can flatten the curve together! 

Are you looking for a delivery platform that :

  • Is affordable and doesn’t charge up to 35% in commission fee?
  • Replaces Whatsapp/FB Messenger/Call-in orders?
  • Delivers to customers without distance limitations?
  • Allows your loyal customers to order from you no matter where they’re located?

Then Beep Delivery is THE platform for YOU! 

How can your F&B business get on Beep Delivery?

Run A Multichannel F&B Business From Just 1 Platform Now! 

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