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5 Weird Habit Of Vapers

vape smoke

How many vaper friends do you have? At least a couple, perhaps… While hanging out with them, do you also begin noticing some weird habits they have in common. I’m sure you do…

Here are some weird vape habits that we have discovered from some vapers:

1. They think the cloud is cool.

As they exhale the vape clouds, they love to just sit back and admire the beauty of it. Some like to experiment and even train for a long period of time to master different tricks such as Jelly Fish, Sharp Shooting and Cloud Bending.

They even have competitions, such as the Cloud Chasing Competition organized by Star Vapers – to see who can blow the biggest and densest cloud!

2. 4 out of 10 vapers don’t know how to change their coils.

The coil is the heating element that heats up the e-liquid to produce vapor. After using it for some time, the coil will burn out and will need to be replaced.

Changing vape coils could be easily done without much trouble. It’s like setting up the sim card to your mobile phone, or changing your phone battery. For beginners, they can easily find video tutorials on the internet on how to change vape coils. Some vapers, however, prefer a certain way their coils are twisted and WILL pay the professionals to change it for them when the time is up!

3. They change their tips very often (as often as once a week).

A drip tip is a reusable hollow mouthpiece, allowing the user to drip e-liquid onto it. It can be made out of different materials, like stainless steel, plastic or ceramic.

Especially for vapers who prefer ceramic drip tips (to provide for a much more flavourful vaping experience according to some), they may find themselves needing to change it often because they break easily when dropped.

4. They ONLY LIKE their own smoke clouds. Not anyone else’s.

Most non-vapers despise the vape clouds, claiming that the vape smoke gives them headaches because of the strong smelling flavors.

Guess what? Vapers themselves dislike vape clouds from other vapers too! They even find it annoying at times! Oh, the irony! So if you’re a vaper yourself, be mindful of the environment you are vaping in as there may be people around who might not enjoy your vape smoke as much as you do.

5. They LOVE to SHARE!

To them, sharing IS caring. Vapers form a huge, tight-knit community, where every vaper is a bro to each other. It is common to find them passionately discussing topics about vape during hang out sessions and passing around their vape mods in circles, allowing each other to try out their new purchase of the newest juice flavour or equipment.

Vapers also often log on to online vape forums like vaped.my to find and share information, reviews and news about vape and equipment.

Do your vaper friends have any of the aforementioned weird habits? Nudge them on the elbow and share this article with them.

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