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How The Humble Food Company Bounced Back From A 95% Revenue Drop

The Humble Food Company Case Study

Malaysian F&B businesses have been badly affected  by the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020. ACCA predicted that 49% of local businesses would close down in 12 months. 

The Humble Food Company was also part of this crisis as they faced a 95% drop in revenue.. 

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if your restaurant experienced this situation?

Would you shut down your business right away? OR would you persevere through the pandemic for the business and the people you love?

Fortunately, The Humble Food Company managed to find their way back up from the massive revenue drop with StoreHub POS. This cloud-based solution has allowed them to optimise their manpower and cost, WHILST maximising their revenue. Undoubtedly, that’s how they increased sales and grew back even stronger!

Want to find out more about The Humble Food Company’s success? We had a chance to talk to Farizan Majid, Managing Director and CFO of The Humble Food Company, and collected all their tips here. SO let’s get to know them and dig into these (un)secret tips.

The Humble Food Company, humble pricing with prominent taste

The Humble Food Company - How they sustained their business throughout the first lockdown

“We’re bold, fusion, Western-style, and our main objective is to serve tasty yet affordable food to our customers.”

The Humble Food Company was founded in March 2020 by four friends with experience in the restaurant business. They have worked their way up since their first launch and branched out to 4 locations; Desa Pandan, Damansara Perdana, Section 13 – Shah Alam, and Sunway (central kitchen).

Known for their  bold, fusion and yummy Western-style dishes with reasonable prices, this restaurant has been a crowd’s favourite ever since. 

Additionally, its drool-worthy yet affordable bestsellers are what keep customers coming back – namely the Humble Mac, Carbonara, Grilled Chicken, Kam Heong Pasta, and Laksa Goreng. 

BUT these are not the only secrets..

Sticking to the right and digitised POS solution

The Humble Food Company - Sticking to the right and digitised POS solution

“…but in the end we decided to stick to StoreHub mainly (for) functionality,(and) simplicity. The cashback function was introduced. I see (an) increase in sales.”

StoreHub is an all-in-one point of sale solution that’s been helping The Humble Company streamline their business processes. With the functionality, simplicity and cashback feature, it plays a big part in growing F&B businesses like this. 

How StoreHub’s key benefits impact this restaurant:

  • Functionality – they can operate better with powerful POS features like composite inventory level tracking, employee performance tracking, Beep QR Ordering, customer database, etc.
  • Simplicity – an easy-to-navigate POS facilitates them to use the POS device more efficiently, and also helps them understand and access data in the BackOffice to make better business decisions
  • Cashback – Beep Cashback by StoreHub is a loyalty program that encourages customers to come back as they can redeem their cashback credits on their next purchase. By using this feature, The Humble Food Company saw an increase in sales.

And not to mention, Beep Delivery, a food delivery feature from this cloud-based POS, also allowed The Humble Food Company to deliver food to their customers in the comfort of their own home.

Plus, Beep Delivery has consumer-based platforms like beepit.com and the Beep Food Delivery app that connect The Humble Food Company’s customers (and other Beep users) with exciting food selections as well as plenty of promo codes and vouchers. 

Speaking about these consumer-based platforms, they are regularly updated and improved  with nicer interfaces and more functionalities for users to enjoy.

With all of these features and benefits, The Humble Food Company managed to streamline their operations to serve g customers more efficiently.

How a digital menu helped them save cost and escalated sales

The Humble Food Company implementing Beep QR Order

“We use Beep QR Order in Shah Alam. It has really helped us optimise our manpower and cost Whilst  enabling us to optimise the revenue.”

Not only has The Humble Food Company streamlined their restaurant, BUT they’ve also benefited from Beep QR Order – another feature for dine-ins and takeaways by StoreHub. By using this, their customers can just order food faster as they can just:

  • Scan the QR code on the table. 
  • View menu and add to cart.
  • Confirm their order and pay directly on their mobile phone.

Which is why this feature has helped them optimise manpower and cost whilst maximising the revenue.

“Based on my analysis, we’ve seen about 20% – 30% increase.”

With  StoreHub POS, this restaurant can easily measure their revenue growth under the “Loyalty” tab in BackOffice. It’s where you can see how many people are claiming your store cashback which helps you analyse your sales and customer retention data more accurately.

As a result, having a solution that helps The Humble Food Company make data-driven business decisions was really important and was ultimately what brought the restaurant back up from a 95% revenue drop in sales. 

So if you’re looking for a POS system, choose the one that helps you streamline your business and provides you with detailed business data. 

“I really recommend StoreHub to any merchants out there. (especially those) Looking to improve your speed and quantity of transactions processed because StoreHub has features like the cashback loyalty program and that will really help you grow your business.” – Farizan Majid, Managing Director and CFO of The Humble Food Company

Watch the full video on how The Humble Food Company succeeded in bringing back their sales here:

Key takeaways

The Humble Food Company managed to make their way back up from a 95% revenue drop with 4 key initiatives; 

  1. Food distribution to reduce food waste – this helped them reduce food waste and also allowed their customers to give back to the community.
  2. Sticking to the right POS system to streamline business operations – they managed to operate their restaurants and bring back sales by choosing the right POS that let them do more with prominent features.
  3. Utilising the loyalty program that comes with the POS – Beep Cashback is a great way to build customer loyalty and bring back loyal customers. This helped The Humble Food Company with 20 – 30 % increase in sales.
  4. Going digital to optimise manpower and maximise their revenue – By implementing Beep QR Order in store, they could reduce manpower cost and gain more sales as this digital menu allowed their customers to scan, order, and pay with their mobile phones directly.

What about you? How did you bring back your revenue when you experienced a massive drop like this?

AND if you’re still trying, The Humble Food Company has proven their effective strategies. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

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