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5 reasons you should SMS your customers NOW!


You’d think – “SMS? That’s an old school way to strengthen customer relationships, for an old school business!” But, we’re here to tell you otherwise. Here are 5 reasons why SMS marketing works for your business: 1. 98% Open Rates Think about this – when was the last time you’ve NOT read any of your […]

StoreHub Hits The Road This May!

roadshow plan

StoreHub is back on the road this May, hitting 4 tradeshows within the month! This time, we are focussed around introducing to you the technologies and processes of running an awesome business! Where to catch StoreHub… Our growing team including our Business Coach, Sales Warriors and our Chieftain, Wai Hong will be marching out together, […]

StoreHub’s customer support is now on live chat!


StoreHub’s customer support is now on live chat! Greetings everybody! Team StoreHub is thrilled to announce that our Customer Success Champions are now available on live chat! Not only can you now get in touch with us by email, phone, or on Facebook and Twitter – but by having our latest live chat function, we’ll […]

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