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StoreHub v1.6 Is now out – Receipts 2.0

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StoreHub v1.6 Is now out – Receipts 2.0

Hello and Happy New Year! We’ve received requests for logos on your receipts as well as customisable features.

And so in this update, we decided to grant your wish (+ more bonus features!). Check out what’s new:

Logo on Receipt

  • You can now add your store’s logo to your receipt!

Customisation on Receipt

  • For example, we’ve created new options where you can choose to print barcode or not, print customer information or not, and print notes on receipt.

New Receipt Layout

  • We’ve heard you! We love Mother Nature too so you now have shorter receipts.

Return/Refund by Credit

  • Previously you could only do refunds by cash, but now we support credit too!

Happy tinkering with your receipts!Have a look and check out these new features can help make your business even more awesome!

IMPORTANT: To take advantage of all these new features, you’d need to download the latest version of StoreHub from Apple!

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