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6 Easy Ways To Boost Restaurant Sales During Ramadhan/Raya

Ramadhan Raya F&B Business Restaurant Cafes Increase Sales Beep StoreHub Food Delivery Malaysia

The holy month of Ramadhan and the festivities of Raya are right around the corner!  

As this is widely celebrated in Malaysia, the Ramadan-Raya period marks one of the biggest spending months of the year. 

Despite the fact that Ramadhan is a fasting month, Malaysians are known to spend the most on food

This means restaurants and cafes typically see a major increase in sales during this time of year. F&B businesses typically expect a 10-15% increase in sales! 

Because of this, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to be front and centre during this sales rush. Standing out amongst your competitors and maximising your sales is crucial! 

So we’ve compiled a list of the best tips and tricks to help you skyrocket your sales during the Ramadan-Raya season! 

1. Offer Ramadhan/Raya promotions

Ramadhan Raya Promotions Increase Sales Restaurants Cafes Malaysia Food Delivery

The Ramadhan-Raya season is the perfect time to be generous with your promotions. 


Because it generates instant purchases, boosts sales revenue and can even bring about cross-selling opportunities. 

Ramadhan is known as the time for unity and family togetherness. People love gathering with their family members or friends to break fast (buka puasa). 

This means there’s a golden opportunity for creating promotions around family meal sets or group offers. 

By having family set meals, you’ll be making the ordering process faster and easier for customers as they’ll only have to choose once instead of choosing multiple items individually. 

It’ll also help set you apart from competitors and draw more customers in! 

Raya, on the other hand, is a festive season centred around the theme of giving back. 

What better way to give back to your customers than offering a special Raya promo. 

This could be as simple as giving them a free dessert or even taking a certain amount off their total bill if they reach a minimum spend of RM100. 

2. Use seasonal keywords to boost discoverability

Ramadhan Raya Keywords Buka Puasa Iftar Increase Sales Restaurants Cafes Malaysia Food Delivery

To increase exposure and to keep your menu items relevant, remember to use seasonal keywords. 

Add Ramadhan or Raya-themed keywords in your product name and marketing material. For example:

  • Buka Puasa Specials” 
  • “Ramadhan Buffet” 
  • “Selera Ramadhan”
  • “Jom Berbuka”
  • Iftar Deals”

By doing so, not only will it show that you’re participating in the festivities, but you’ll also boost search traffic which helps customers easily discover your restaurant/cafe. 

For example, let’s say a customer is looking for meals to order for Iftar. They’re more likely to come across your restaurant/cafe if you have  “Iftar menu specials” or “Iftar deals” on your marketing collateral, website and online menu. 

This super simple trick is guaranteed to boost discoverability, traffic and sales for your F&B business.

3. Create a special Ramadhan menu

Ramadhan Menu Increase Sales Restaurants Cafes Raya Malaysia Food Delivery

The most exciting part about the Ramadhan-Raya season is the festive dishes that everyone loves to feast on. 

To stand out, you can try offering a unique and exotic Ramadhan menu that contains the delicious flavours of the season. 

Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Create your own version of a festive dish e.g. “House Special Rendang” 
  • Infuse local flavours into existing dishes e.g. “Satay Nachos” 
  • Create a specially-curated Ramadhan set menu
  • Have kuih muih on your dessert menu 
  • Hold a ‘Ramadhan Buffet’ event on the weekends 

People love anything festive, especially if it’s only available for a limited time. 

Therefore, these special menu items are bound to attract potential customers and will make an instant impact on your restaurant sales.

4. Use time to your advantage

Iftar Countdown Increase Sales Restaurants Cafes Ramadhan Raya Malaysia Food Delivery

Image via McDonalds Saudi Arabia

When it comes to marketing, not only does the content itself matter but so does timing. 

This is especially important during Ramadhan as you have to make sure your promotional offers reach people at the right time. 

As most people are active on social media around midday or late afternoon (before the time for Iftar), take advantage of this by sharing discounts or offers during this time. 

By doing so, it’s guaranteed to attract a large volume of customers as they’re more likely to be influenced by food options since it’s almost time to break fast.

5. Use iconic Ramadhan symbols

Ramadhan Symbols Increase Sales Restaurants Cafes Ramadan Raya Malaysia Food Delivery

As you may have noticed, there are a few symbols that pop up during the Ramadhan-Raya season. 

To help convey the spirit of Ramadhan in your marketing materials, consider using these 3 iconic symbols:

  1. Dates – an essential part of Ramadhan as they are the first food item eaten each evening before breaking fast. 
  2. Crescent Moon – the first visible crescent moon marks the beginning of each month, which includes the start of Ramadhan. 
  3. Lanterns – Lanterns symbolises the late hours that Muslims are kept up during this fasting season. 

Given the clear connections with Ramadhan, using these common themes and symbols in creative ways can help drive interest in your product offerings.

6. Utilise pre-order to increase sales

Pre-order Food Delivery Increase Sales Restaurants Cafes Ramadhan Raya Malaysia Beep Food Delivery

During Ramadhan, most restaurants will find that sales during the day will decrease as most people are fasting. 

But there is a way around this that allows you to increase profits during the fasting times. 

Allow customers to pre-order their food! 

After a long day of fasting, breaking fast at the exact time of Iftar is important to many. With a pre-order feature enabled, you allow customers to order and schedule whatever they want, at the time they want. 

It’ll also benefit your restaurant and employees as it allows you to process orders and prep before the peak ordering times. 

Want a super-easy all-in-one pre-order and delivery system?

Check out Beep Delivery! 

With Beep Delivery, you can allow your customers to break fast with ease as they can: 

  • Easily schedule orders in advance for pick-up or delivery
  • Pick up or get food delivered at their preferred time 
  • Place orders no matter when or where they are

Beep Delivery also comes with a fully integrated logistic option so you don’t have to worry about finding riders to deliver your orders! 

How can your F&B business get on Beep Delivery?

Just fill up this super easy form and we’ll get you onboarded ASAP!


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