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F&B Business: Malaysia’s QR Ordering System Comparison

A person scanning the QR Order & Pay QR code

Ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic, QR Ordering has become crucial for a lot of F&B businesses. It’s now become a best practice for all types of F&B businesses, especially restaurants and quick serves with a high volume of orders.

On top of that, utilising QR ordering is convenient and minimises order mistakes and longer wait times.

So in this article, we will explain more about how a QR ordering system can actually benefit F&B businesses like yours.

To help you choose what’s best for your business, we will also have Malaysia’s QR ordering system comparison in this article.

What is a QR ordering system?

A QR code is a machine-readable optical label that has information attached to it. Therefore, when it’s a QR ordering system, refers to a QR-generated code that’s used as a table or online ordering system, which contains a digital menu, pricing, and menu description.

F&B businesses place QR code standees or stickers on tables or counters, which customers can scan to order and pay with their smartphones. The restaurant will then receive a notification on their POS system or mobile device.

This improves operational efficiency, especially for the ordering process and turnover rate.

How a QR ordering system benefits your F&B business

  • Save cost on physical menus – you just need an e-menu for your online food ordering system which can be updated anytime and also saves you money on the printing cost. 
  • Save on staff cost – you don’t need as many staff members as before with this online food ordering system since customers can directly order and pay on their phones. Plus, this helps with the lack of workforce availability.
  • Accurate orders – your waiters don’t need to write down the orders or remember the customer’s order anymore, so this reduces human error very well.
  • Fast ordering process – a QR ordering system helps to fasten the ordering process which means more customer satisfaction, a higher table turnover rate, and more sales!

How it works for customers

QR ordering is a convenient and safe way for your customers to order their food as it’s both contactless and cashless.

And this is how QR ordering works for your customers:

  • Scan the QR code on the table/standee
  • Browse the menu and select items to order
  • Review the order and confirm (some QR ordering systems let customers pay right after they order, and we will go into more detail about this in the comparison section.)

Which QR ordering system is best for your F&B business?

A person scanning a QR Code

This section will highlight QR ordering systems in Malaysia to help you as an F&B business owner choose what is best for your restaurant. 

Ready? Let’s see the table below to find out which is most convenient for you and your customers, and which comes with more perks for your F&B business!

QR Ordering System Comparison in Malaysia



Comes with POS systemApp required for customersInstant online payment for customersFree TrialPricing
QR Order & Pay (by StoreHub)✔️


(14 days)

Starter Plan
RM129/month (billed annually), 2% Transaction Fee

Advanced Plan
RM249/month (billed annually), 0% Transaction Fee

Pro Plan
RM499/month (billed annually), 0% Transaction Fee
Epoint Cirrus Cloud✔️✔️Can get the quotation via email


(14 days)

RM 150 /mo/location

Lite Plan: FREE

Silver Plan: RM990/year

Gold Plan: RM1490/year

WhiteBean Asia✔️✔️Can get the quotation via email


(7 days)

Standard: RM25/mo/location

Premium: RM50/mo/location

Menumiz by Univeral Apps✔️✔️✔️

(Flat monthly rate, commission based plan, combo plan)

– FREE plan

– RM99/mo

– RM199/mo

– RM299/mo

– RM499/mo

YhoFoodie✔️✔️✔️✔️RM3500 for hardware and RM0.10 for additional cost
Genius POS✔️✔️✔️Can get the quotation via email
iRS Software✔️✔️

Basic: RM2000/Lifetime

Standard: RM3200/Lifetime

Advance: RM3700/Lifetime

Note: This information was last updated on March 19, 2021 and may be different by the time the content was published.

These QR ordering systems and providers offer some good benefits for your F&B business especially ones that are attached to POS solutions. 

They have some significant features that can help your business operation and improve sales, but you need to check all the perks that come in the package when you make a purchase.

Like QR Order & Pay by StoreHub, it’s so convenient for both restaurants and customers. It’s a feature under the StoreHub POS system that helps you collect customer data and give cashback as part of your loyalty program. 

The StoreHub POS system allows you to utilise and streamline your F&B business operations with a lot of prominent features like inventory management, reports, customer management, employee management, CRM, loyalty program, Cashback, Beep Delivery (integrated food delivery feature), and many more!

Your Turn!

Now you’re all set to serve your customers safely, fasten your ordering process, and increase sales. A QR ordering system will help give you and your customers an easy and convenient cashless and contactless ordering method for dine-in and takeaways.

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