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5 Reasons The iPad POS System Is The Way To Go

POS system on table

Are you choosing a POS system for your business? Making a decision between an iPad POS system and a traditional POS for your brick and mortar store is not too different from deciding between using a Windows-based PC or a MacBook.

When it comes to providing great flexibility and value for money in a small business, there are clear winners in both scenarios. Here are five reasons why an iPad POS system is the way to go:

1. An iPad POS System Is Easy To Learn

Don’t misjudge the amount of time needed to train up your staff on using the POS system. If you are in a hurry to get your POS system up and running, you will need one that has a user interface which is intuitive.

Cloud-based softwares are designed for broad audiences and tend to be very responsive and agile. In this case, the user experience is more intuitive and user friendly. On top of that, the iPad is probably one of the easiest device to use and provides a shallow learning curve in figuring out the technology. This means that most of your staffs can be trained up in no time.

Staff who are not frustrated ensure top notch customer service.

Consider the time needed to get your new staff trained and familiarised with the technology – an intuitive system is a lifesaver!

2. An iPad POS System Has Low Start Up Costs

Money, money, money. Budget plays a huge role in your decision on a POS. Companies that develop iPad based POS tends to allow customers to “lease” the software on a subscription basis, without compromising the quality of the software. A recurring monthly or annual payment provides significant upfront cost savings and only requires a one time fee for purchasing the hardware.

The ability to pay on a monthly/yearly basis, instead of a one time payment, shifts a portion of your capital expenditure to operating expenditure.

On the other hand, a traditional electronic cash register or a PC-based POS usually sells the enterprise software and the hardware required, and thus requires a hefty one time payment. This is not even taking into account the costs for upgrading the software.

3. An iPad POS System LOOKS Good

If you are a business that taps into the purchasing power of the younger generation, hardware aesthetics play a role in crafting the image of your store and ultimately your business. An iPad as your cash register and the minimalistic hardware presence on your counter reflects a business that is open to the newest trend and technology.

A PC-based POS system…
…or an iPad based POS?

A PC-based POS system? No offense to anyone but it does look old, bulky and sends out a message that your business is rather old-fashioned.

4. An iPad POS System Has A Simple Set Up Process

Three plugs and maybe a LAN cable…and space the size of your cash drawer. Plug everything in and you’re good to go. That’s about all the setup you will need to get started with an iPad based POS system.

For an iPad based POS, the regular hardware that a customer will need to purchase are the router, the printer, cash drawer, and an iPad.

A PC based POS system? Three plugs, countless numbers of wires between the hardware and a manual book. First, read the manual and figure out the wires.

5. An iPad POS System Comes With Updates

The beauty of a cloud-based POS system is the ease in which features and functions can be automatically added and updated for customers. Features can be added to the POS software by popular requests, as decided by the development team. These new updates will also fix bugs that are discovered by both the users and the development team.

When the updates are released, all the POS users need to do is to update the app on their iPad in the comfort of their home or store, and they are almost good to go. No need to wait for the POS company to come to your store to update the software on your PC (not to mention the cost incurred to you!).

If you’re considering investing in a new POS system that is intuitive, technologically advanced and budget friendly, look no further than an iPad based POS system.

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