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Employee Management

StoreHub Employee Management Reduce time spent on manual HR tasks with an employee management tool that is synced with your point of sale Get a Demo Employee management made simple with StoreHub No more punch cards Keep track of clock ins and clock outs with a single POS system All-in-one platform One place for all […]

Employee Management 101: Tips On How To Manage Your Staff

employee management 101 how to manage your staff

Employee Management 101: Tips To Manage Staff Effectively A crucial step to the success of running your small business in 2020 is good employee management. Through skillful staff management, you can create a functional and efficient work environment.  Your staff are the people that power the growth of your company and help to operate the […]

Multi Location Management

Seamlessly manage operations across multiple locations Achieve operational excellence for every business size with StoreHub’s Multi-Location Management. Get a Demo Standardise restaurant operations at multiple locations Take control of your own menu Create a menu that works best for your business. Manage performance Gain full visibility of performance across multiple outlets from one dashboard. Take […]

Customer Relationship Management 101: What Is CRM?

CRM 101

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a main marketing strategy for all small businesses.  How come? Because it costs 5 times more money to acquire a new customer than to get an existing customer to make a purchase! With this in mind, it makes more sense to focus your marketing funds and efforts on nurturing […]

7 Restaurant Crisis Management Tips You Need To Know

7 Restaurant Crisis Management Tips You Need To Know

In the restaurant industry, unexpected situations can happen at any time and the COVID-19 pandemic is proof of that. This is why having a solid restaurant/cafe crisis management plan is crucial for business survival.  But first, what is crisis management? Crisis management refers to the strategies and tactics a business has planned to respond to […]

Retail Operations Management: 5 Ways To Increase Sales And Productivity

retail store operation tips to increase sales StoreHub blog thumbnail

What do operations mean for a retail shop?  In a small business, operations are the management of systems which produce products and services. In retail, operations include managing your inventories, your premises, your employees and the customer service. As a business owner and operations manager, it is your duty to continuously improve the process so […]

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