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Vape Store POS

Whether you’re an experienced business person or a novice in the vape industry, running a vape business doesn’t have to be a hazy affair. With StoreHub Vape Store Point of Sale, you can keep your cash flow, stock and customer management as clear as it can get.

get a bird’s-eye view of your stock, cash flow and transactions with storehub vape store pos

Power your business with data

Smart decisions are made based on real data. StoreHub’s cloud-based powerful analytics enable you to track your best-selling items, the most lucrative hours, and more!

best selling report to know which vape products sell best

Know your customers’ go-to flavour. Keep the trend alive by being in touch with the best selling liquids and wicks in your vape store

Make decisions anywhere. You can view real-time reports with ease, anytime and anywhere, empowering you to make intelligent, strategic decisions even when you’re on the go

Manage your inventory, manage your business

Stock management can be a potential bane of your business. StoreHub Vape Store POS is a boon that will take away all your manual stock-keeping work.

check stock availability on the different flavours of the e-liquids with storehub vape store pos

Stay in control. Get a holistic view of all your stock levels, so you’ll never lose a sale just because you ran out of the Mango Tango e-liquid

Stock up in no time. Running low on stock? Immediately issue a Purchase Order to your supplier from the StoreHub BackOffice

Stay close to your customers

StoreHub Customer Relationship Management provides you with the necessary information to help you connect with your customers on a personal level. Understand their vaping habits and preferences better than they do!

build customer loyalty by rewarding them

See the full picture. Have all the relevant information of your customers’ spending and vaping habits at the tips of your fingers. Track their number of visits to your vape store, their purchase history, and average spending!

Be in their pockets. You can stay closer to them than you think. Track, manage, and stay in touch with your customer base by sending them information about your vape store updates or promotions, via SMS

What our customers are saying

Find out how StoreHub online Point of Sale software works for their business.

“I’ve seen sales grow in my stores after sending out promotional SMSs through the StoreHub BackOffice – it’s exclusive and direct to the customers! Thank you StoreHub for teaching us how to make full use of the system to make our business awesome.”


Rizal, Founder

Star Vapers

“StoreHub’s real time inventory reporting has helped me manage my stock efficiently and prevent overstocking. Referring to the “Best Selling” Report, I can identify how each vape product is selling so I can reorder just enough and reduce deadstocks. Simply wonderful!”


Farouk, Operations Manager

Vape Station

storehub vape store pos on heckler windfall box set

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