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Want more time to serve your customers, without having to worry about servicing and updating your clunky and outdated POS system? Let StoreHub Service Point of Sale help you make your hair salons, laundry stores and auto detailing stores awesome.

make your customers smile with your wonderful service with storehub service pos

Know who you’re serving

best selling report to know which service is the most sought- after in your store

Customers’ satisfaction makes or breaks a business in the service industry. StoreHub Service POS helps you to track your customers’ number of visits, purchase history, and their spending in your service store. Use this information to cater to their in-store experience or to find out what keeps them coming back to you (or not).

Serve better

High employee satisfaction leads to high productivity and better service. To maintain a top-notch service by your employees, use StoreHub Service POS to compensate them appropriately.

StoreHub Point of Sale

Count it right. Reduce disputes about compensation between you and your employees. Pay them accordingly using StoreHub’s Time Sheet feature that tracks employees’ total working hours

Compensate them right. Award productive employees with commission. Use StoreHub’s Employee Performance to find out which employee sells which packages the best

Serve the right thing, at the right time

That’s right. Bring in more sales by having the right services in your store, at the right time. StoreHub’s cloud-based Point of Sale’s robust analytics track your best-selling items, the most lucrative hours and more!

Feature the right service. Keep the trend alive by knowing what services are the most sought after in your store!

Make decisions anywhere. Learn how your service store is performing by viewing the reports with ease, empowering you to make intelligent, strategic decisions even when you’re on the go

storehub backoffice dashboard from the web browser

What our customers are saying

Find out how StoreHub online Point of Sale software works for their business.

“Aesthetically appealing, user-friendly with a wonderful personal touch from the StoreHub team. StoreHub has helped a first-time business owner like myself make things happen and keep my accountant happy.”


Shantini, Founder


“The mobility and reliability of the StoreHub POS allows us to maintain our professionalism and top-notch service even when we’re on the go! Huge thanks to the team who helped make our 700% growth in 6 months possible for us!”


Eugene, CEO

The Battery Shop

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