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Bring back the X-factor to your brick and mortar store.
Use StoreHub Retail Point of Sale to give your customers an amazing in-store experience.

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Build Your Inventory

Easily track your product cost, price, margin, and stock value with StoreHub Retail POS. Get notified when stock is running low by setting warning stock levels for your items, so you’ll never have to lose a sale just because you ran out of a particular item.

check stock availability on the different sizes of the particular t-shirt with storehub retail pos

Replenish your stock. Immediately issue a Purchase Order to your supplier from the StoreHub BackOffice. You are in control of your inventory, anytime, anywhere

The right kinds of reports, to make informed decisions

What should you be tracking to run a smarter business? StoreHub’s cloud-based Retail POS system gives you robust, real-time reporting and analytics to supercharge your retail business to the next level

best selling report to know which retail products sell best

See what’s hot. Know what’s the top seller in your store. StoreHub POS has all the best selling reports that you need to know your store’s stock turnover rate

Know what’s selling. Every product gives you different profit margins. Determine your product mix through various kinds of reports from the StoreHub BackOffice

Customised in-store experience

Brick and mortar stores have a unique advantage to provide consumers with an out of this world retail experience unmatchable by e-commerce and the marketplace. Collect and analyse customers’ information, and understand purchasing behaviors. Customize your service and offers to each of your customers and make them feel like VIPs with the powerful StoreHub Point of Sale system.

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Make them your close friend. View customers’ order history when you tag each transaction to a customer. Get full insight of their spending habits, favourite in-store items and give specialized discounts just for them

Keep them in the loop. Nudge your customers when you run promos! Use SMS to entice existing customers to spend more in your store with attractive promotions and send it in bulk through the StoreHub BackOffice

Buy One, Get One Free. Run lucrative promotions that your customers can’t resist. Beat the competition by making shopping at your store the most gratifying experience for your customers

What our customers are saying

Find out how StoreHub online Point of Sale software works for their business.

“StoreHub is a portable system. Most people bring only a receipt book to events and expos, but when we bring StoreHub POS and process a sale on the tablet with the snap of a finger, it gives people the WOW factor. We especially love that the real-time reporting helps us monitor distributor performance and make informed business decisions.”


Nazmi, Admin Director

MEM Watches

“Before StoreHub, it was a nightmare to manually record what we sold at the store each day and tally up the inventory. If I wanted to know what I sold the most over the last 3 months, I had to go back to my data sheet and analyze it. Now, all the reporting is ready for me to view in the BackOffice. Thank you so much for all the time saved!”


Amelina, Director

Baby Dots

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