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Quickserve POS

Helps you serve quicker.

Whether you run a cafe, juice bar or waffle shop, everything is about speed in a quickserve business. StoreHub Quickserve Point of Sale ensures that your customers’ orders are taken care of, quick and hassle-free.

serve quicker with storehub pos

Simple hardware and software setup

storehub backoffice dashboard from the web browser

Get started in no time with StoreHub POS.

StoreHub Point of Sale offers a simple hardware setup in your store. Its comprehensive backend management and reporting helps you to set the speed and tone of your quickserve business

Speed and precision are money

Never lose a customer because operations are going too fast and out of control.

StoreHub Quickserve POS ensures a smooth flow from customers placing orders on the counter front to the kitchen preparing them. Process transactions at the speed of light and keep the crowd satisfied.

assign table number to each order

Systematic operational flow

Manage orders with ease and keep your customers satisfied with StoreHub Quickserve Point of Sale.

step 1 save table number, step 2 send order to kitchen and add notes, step 3 serving or delivering order

Save a customer’s table number or name. Easily assign table numbers to your customers’ orders, keep the orders open until they are ready to pay, and modify the orders when any adjustment is needed

Send orders to the kitchen or any other additional printers. You won’t have to worry about missing out on orders anymore

Add notes for any order remarks. Ensure the kitchen staff prepares the order just the way your customer likes it

What our customers are saying

Find out how StoreHub online Point of Sale software works for their business.

“When we first started out, we had our eyes set on expansion and StoreHub helps us do just that; 5 stores in major malls within 1 year of opening. We’re constantly changing and innovating our menu, so knowing what sells best with their robust backend reporting really helps!”

Linda Chen

Linda Chen, Director

Madame Waffle

“Especially when the crowd builds up during peak hours and things get chaotic at the cashier, we can really count on StoreHub’s POS to process all the transactions with ease and speed. We are able to cut down average wait times to about 2 to 3 minutes. Highly recommended business solution for quickserve businesses!”


Athirah, F&B Manager

Little Wondermilk

storehub quickserve pos on heckler windfall box set

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