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StoreHub food truck point of sale

Food Truck POS

Business opportunities are everywhere on the road.
Point of Sale for food trucks ensure that you maximise your profits even when you’re on the go.

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Claustro ain’t phobic

storehub pos and star micronics printer

We know that space is precious to you.

Space saver, life saver. StoreHub Food Truck POS is mobile-friendly with compact hardware, so you can use all the extra space you save in your mobile truck for a more efficient operations flow! Say goodbye to that big and clunky POS system (how do you even fit them in the truck?!)

Works Offline

Worried about an unstable internet connection? Fret not. StoreHub Point of Sale automatically switches to offline mode, so you can continue making sales as usual in your mobile truck.

Your data will be temporarily stored on the iPad, and synced to the cloud when you have internet access

storehub pos in offline mode

Keep things simple

easy and intuitive storehub point of sale for mobile truck

StoreHub Food Truck POS is easy and intuitive. You can now say goodbye to slow, complicated and expensive software.

Never turn a customer away. Cut down queues as your employees take orders at the speed of light with the simple and intuitive StoreHub POS interface

Easy does it. Training new employees to use the POS system is such a breeze. Within minutes, your employees will start to take orders, perform transactions, and manage the cash drawer like a pro

Reporting made easy

With its low set-up costs and potential traffic, food trucks have great potential to become a successful business venture.

Assess your mobile truck. Use StoreHub POS to generate different reports to analyse your business performance and make smart decisions to pile up your profits

storehub backoffice dashboard from the web browser

What our customers are saying

Find out how StoreHub online Point of Sale software works for their business.

“The dinner time crowd can get crazy! Thankfully we have StoreHub to help manage the huge order traffic from the front of the house to the kitchen quickly and smoothly, so customers never have to wait too long for their turn. We also love that we have access to all robust reporting and constant features updates on a small budget!”


Nizar, Founder

Cowboys Food Truck

“Space is precious in our food truck. When we came across the Star mPOP provided by StoreHub, we were overjoyed as it was sleek, compact and just what we needed! StoreHub POS is a powerful and user-friendly business solution with comprehensive analytics. With it, our operations are much simpler and hassle-free!”


Zul, CEO

JM Bariani

storehub mobile food truck pos on heckler windfall box set

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