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Cloud-based accessibility lets you manage
your business with ease.

  • Real-time reporting

    Gain valuable insights
    into your best selling products
    through real-time reports

  • Quick & simple setup

    Easy products import
    helps you get up and running
    in no time

  • Offline Protection

    WiFi down? Our auto-offline
    mode will ensure your store
    will keep running seamlessly

  • Free & automatic updates

    The latest software updates
    available to you at no extra cost

Inventory Management for Everyone

Inventory Management
for Everyone

Our comprehensive management tools are
suitable for every retailer.

  • Identify and Move
    Dead Stock

    Find out which items
    are underperforming to
    free up your cashflow

  • Manage your supplier

    Send / Print purchase orders
    directly to your suppliers
    from StoreHub

  • Never Run out of your
    Bestselling Items

    Get Automatic Low-Stock
    notifications to ensure you
    never run out of your top sellers

  • View/Transfer Inventory
    across multiple stores

    Share stock information across
    multiple stores so you never
    lose a sale again

Deliver great customer experiences

Foster customer loyalty by anticipating
their every need.

  • Track buyer activity

    Identify and learn from
    your customers’ spending habits

  • Customisable receipts

    Personalise receipts with
    taxes, customised messages and logos

  • News and announcements

    Keep your customers updated
    on store news via SMS messaging

  • Discounts & Promotions

    Give out offers and set promotions
    at any time

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