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  • Setting up our own ecommerce platform was a huge challenge. IT was a handful and we didn't have the manpower or resources to actually do it on our own. We'd been using StoreHub for the last 3 years, and using StoreHub's reliable POS system and reporting helped us grow our business by 300%! It was an easy decision for us to choose the ecommerce platform. It was really easy to use and with the support we received we were able to launch our DurianKingTTDI.com ecommerce store within 2 weeks!!

    Erik O.

    DurianKingTTDI.com, Durian Retailer
  • It was really easy to set up! Your look and feel serves retailers like me very well. It is what I think ecommerce shopping should be - the design is clean, it's easy to update information and very focused.

    Adrian C.

    Penang Best Coffee, Coffee Bean Retailer

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