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Your fashion boutique and clothing store. Even more fashionable.

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Never lose sight of your inventory (and style)

Too many products in your store and too much hassle to keep track of them manually?

StoreHub Boutique POS buys you more time to check out new fashion products for your boutique by making inventory management a seamless process for you.

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Be in the know. Keep track of the stock value for each product you have in store

Be warned. Set warning stock levels for your items. You’ll never have to lose a sale just because you ran out of the size 4 yellow jumpsuit

Be in control. Running low on stock? Immediately issue a Purchase Order to your supplier from the StoreHub Backoffice

Keep your customers fashionable

Make it easy for your loyal customers to be in touch with the latest fashion in your store. StoreHub Customer Relationship Management helps you reach out to your customers easily and keep them coming back.

Pay attention. Know how many times your customers visit your store, view their purchase history, average and total spending, and understand their purchasing behaviour

Make it special. Price Books allow you to customize promotions for targeted customers. Provide your customers with an unforgettable, personalized experience in your store

Get personal. Use the Bulk SMS feature to stay in touch with your customers. Send them information about your store’s latest fashion collection or members-only promotions

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Make smarter business decisions

Get the low-down on your business performance – anytime, from anywhere, with StoreHub Boutique Point of Sale’s real-time business analytics.

best selling report to know which fashion products sell best

Know when to sell what. Use StoreHub’s customizable best-selling report to know what fashion items to sell more of, and the hourly sales report to figure out when to run promotions to drive traffic into your store

View real-time reports. StoreHub’s cloud-based POS system allows you to stay in touch with the sales performance of your boutique store – empowering you to make intelligent, strategic decisions, while you’re away

Pay ‘em right

Monitor your employees’ performance, know how much commision to pay out and keep track of each hour they’ve worked.

identify your star employees & reward them accordingly

Pay your employees accordingly. StoreHub Timesheets allow you to keep track of the hours your employees worked and inform you of their clock-in and clock-out times

Reward them. Use the Employee Performance report to know if your employees meet their sales target and reward them with sales commission

Hire enough. Salary makes up the bulk of your operating costs. Refer to the Hourly Sales report to figure out how many staff are needed for different operating hours

What our customers are saying

Find out how StoreHub online Point of Sale software works for their business.

“StoreHub helps us tremendously by eliminating so much manual inventory work and keeping our stock efficient, allowing us to focus on keeping our store fashion up to date. If you’re looking for a POS system to make your business awesome, StoreHub is the ONE!”


Jery, Owner

Osra Boutique

“Running a flagship store in Penang with our HQ in KL can prove to be quite a challenge. It helps that StoreHub POS allows me to track sales, inventory, and staff performance anytime I want without having to constantly be in touch with the Penang team.”


Shen, Founder

Swagger Salon

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