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StoreHub Refer-A-Friend Program


UPDATE: This promotion has expired 

StoreHub exists to help make businesses awesome. We’ve been very grateful for all the support that the business community has given back to us through the many referrals we get.

With the launch of the StoreHub Refer-a-Friend program, our existing customers and their employees can now get rewarded for referring us to their friends. In speaking with our customers, we’ve found that the majority of business owners rely on the help of their network when making decisions about their business.

The same rings true when deciding on the right point of sale system. In fact, most of our customers discovered StoreHub through recommendation from friends or fellow business owners.

Many customers have simply advocated for StoreHub by word-of-mouth and with the StoreHub Refer-a-Friend program, they’ll now be able to get something back!

How it works
It’s simple. If you refer a new customer to us that becomes a paying customer, we’ll give you RM100 (for Malaysia) or USD$50 (for international users) in store credit or cash – whichever you prefer!

How to submit referrals
Submitting a referral is super easy and can be done via the following:

1) In your BackOffice, click on Refer-a-Friend.
2) You’ll find a super simple tool to share with a friend via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail.

We want to help make businesses awesome. Help us do that and we’ll reward you for continuing to support small businesses and StoreHub!

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