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New On Beep Delivery: Gift Voucher, Food Orders And Gift Cards Sticker For Instagram Stories

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We launched Beep Delivery, a StoreHub POS-integrated food delivery feature, during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

This was done to help F&B businesses survive the various forms of lockdowns that’ve taken place not only in Malaysia, but all around the world.

Beep Delivery-enabled restaurants can run their own independent food delivery service at a heavily subsidised commission fee compared to the usual commission fee of up to 35% charged by major food delivery platforms.

Now, Beep Delivery has some awesome new additions that will make selling your food online even easier!

Here’s what’s new…

Sell Gift Vouchers on Beep by StoreHub

You can now get upfront revenue by selling Gift Vouchers on Beep.

We’re introducing the Gift Vouchers feature for Beep to help you secure more cash during this downturn.

And the best thing is that you can sell your Gift Voucher via Facebook and Instagram‘s Gift Card stickers and action buttons. 

Beep by StoreHub Gift Voucher feature for F&B business screenshot

StoreHub is now a Food Orders and Gift Card partner on Instagram

Beep Delivery Food Orders sticker Instagram Stories StoreHub partner example screenshot

We recently came onboard as one of the available Food Orders and Gift Card partners on Instagram. 

So now, F&B merchants who’re using Beep Delivery by StoreHub have a creative new way of selling food and gift cards… via your Instagram profile and Instagram Stories!

Please note: You need a Business Profile on Instagram to set this up and this feature is not available for every account just yet, but it is being rolled out now by Facebook and Instagram. So if you don’t see it, either of these two reasons may be why.

How to set up Food Orders / Gift Card on your Instagram profile

1. Go to your Instagram profile and tap Edit Profile

Instagram Edit Profile Food Orders StoreHub partner

2. Tap Action Button under “Public Business Information”

Instagram Action Button Edit Profile Public Business Profile Food Orders Gift Card StoreHub partner

3. Under “Add an action button”, choose Gift Cards or Order Food

Instagram Stories Sticker Food Orders Gift Card StoreHub partner

4. Under “Choose a partner”, select Beep by StoreHub

Instagram Stories Sticker Food Orders Gift Card set up choose StoreHub partner

5. Under “Add partner link”, key in this exact URL – https://ig.bpit.me/yourBeepaccountname and save your settings. DONE!

IMPORTANT: If your Beep online store link is mariassteakcafe.beepit.com, the your partner link must be https://ig.bpit.me/mariassteakcafe. Please add /voucher at the end of your URL if you’re setting up the Gift Cards action button:

  • Gift Cards – https://ig.bpit.me/mariassteakcafe/voucher

  • Order Food – https://ig.bpit.me/mariassteakcafe 

Instagram Stories Sticker Food Orders Gift Card set up add partner link StoreHub Beep Delivery

6. Now you can sell your food and gift cards via your Instagram profile and also via Instagram Stories!

Instagram Profile Food Orders action button StoreHub partner
Food Orders sticker on Instagram Stories where StoreHub is a partner

Run your own food delivery service with Beep Delivery by StoreHub

Beep Delivery food delivery feature F&B cafe restaurant SME StoreHub point of sale POS system

Beep Delivery is a food delivery service that both you and your customers will love!

This feature will basically enable you to run food delivery on your own without depending on food delivery marketplaces. 

Here’s how it works…

When F&B businesses sign up for Beep Delivery, they’ll be provided with their own website link that they can send to customers.

Your customer will then be able to use the link to:

  1. Choose between delivery and self-pickup
  2. Browse the menu and order
  3. Key in their delivery address and details
  4. Pay via credit card, online banking, or ewallet
  5. Receive their food & enjoy!

You can check out a quick demo video to see how it works here:

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