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Your Success is Our Mission

We envision a world where relationships are once again central to commerce.
Where technology is not a negator but a facilitator of communities. Where transactions turn into relationships.

- Wai Hong Fong, Chieftain

Our values: THOMAS

Trust First
Most People believe that trust is something that must be earned. On the contrary, we believe in learning to trust people first, because this kind of belief and faith is what brings out the best in people.
Have Fun
We want to build something great, but more important than the end product is our desire to enjoy the journey along the way.
Obsess over the details
The difference between a good product and a great product lies in the details. That is why we give ourselves permission to obsess over the details until things are pixel perfect. For us, the Small Things are the big things.
Make their Day
Whether it’s our customers, suppliers, partners, friends or strangers, we want to be that person that makes your day. Everyday.
Abundance Mindset
There is more than enough to go around in this world. No need for a few to hoard at the expense of everybody else. It’s always more blessed to give than to receive.
Serve the Community
All of us are part of the communities we live in, whether we admit it or not. Our heart is to always serve the community, not just take from it.

Our people

  • ChieftainWai Hong Fong
    CTOCongyu Li
    Head of SalesGregory Chang
    Head of OperationsKerry Davis
    Product ManagerXin Yi Chong
    Digital Marketing LeadPei Ning Lee
  • Business ConsultantDarren Chin
    Supply Chain LeadIsmail Karim
    Sales Coordinator Team LeadFaidhi Fudzail
    Village AdministratorMary Soh
    Customer SuccessMichael Koh
    Customer SupportEmma Phoon
  • Customer SupportAshli Halim
    Sales CoordinatorChian Chian
    Growth LeadJiong Lin Low
    Business ConsultantWei Ee Lee
    Sales CoordinatorCatherine Hor
    Business ConsultantDwayne Ong
  • Money MaestroRachel Thum
    Customer SuccessAlison Woon
    Customer SupportBrian Thomas
    Code WizardFan Long
    Admin AssistantSyazwan Rozain
    Business ConsultantShengjun Koo
  • Business ConsultantGavin Neo
    Business ConsultantHafiz Shah
    Full Stack DeveloperMax Rovensky
    Sales CoordinatorEddon Fajardo
    Customer SupportSherwyn Nathan
    Business ConsultantMark Anthony Ong
  • Customer SuccessSu Yee Chong
    Thailand Team LeadTippayavut Kovanthanakul
    Business Consultant Claire Naruemon
    UI DesignerDarbara Singh
    Customer SuccessMelissa Phu
    Customer SupportElayne Choy
  • Analytics LeadNatalie Kwok
    Business ConsultantNattawin Ruckwatin
    Senior Quality EngineerShikha Singh
    Customer SuccessAtzan Atan
    Customer SupportSukri Razak
    Customer SupportShalini Nair Sivadass
  • Business ConsultantKantapat Vibul
    Sales CoordinatorKrisada Sirimangkhala
    RecruiterFrancis Siah

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