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Seamlessly manage operations across multiple locations

Achieve operational excellence for every business size with StoreHub’s Multi-Location Management.

Standardise restaurant operations at multiple locations

Take control of your own menu

Create a menu that works best for your business.

Manage performance

Gain full visibility of performance across multiple outlets from one dashboard.

Take control of your own menu

Easy menu publishing

Create a master menu that appears at your specified location(s).

Multiple menu versions

Have menu items that are exclusive to a specific location? You can also create different options for menus.

Location-specific pricing

Set different prices for menu items across locations.

Better security

Multiple user profiles

Customise access levels for your employees, store supervisors, and HQ staff

Platform stability

Higher uptime that leads to better service reliability

Manage Performance from one dashboard

Consolidated reports

Gain a full overview of performance across all locations, and also have the option to limit employees’ access to view performance of only their own locations

Easier stock management

Manage stock transfers easily between outlets to protect your profits

StoreHub’s Multi-Location Management is trusted by some of Southeast Asia’s top franchises

Enable operational excellence for your business now

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