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Top 4 POS Systems for your cafe

Malaysian cafe owner using StoreHub POS.

Running a successful cafe takes more than just serving good coffee and having a photo-worthy interior. While these elements may draw in new customers, to make sure they return, you’ll need much more.

This means excellent customer service, short wait times, attentive staff, and accurate order-taking, among other things. A POS system can help you achieve all of this, in addition to keeping track of your transactions and providing you with valuable data about your customer’s spending habits as well as preferences.

In this article, we will explore four different POS systems such as StoreHub, Zeoniq, Hubbo and Loyverse to find out how they can benefit your cafe.

1. StoreHub

StoreHub POS on a countertop with pasta and juice in a cafe.

StoreHub is a robust POS system that can help your business succeed in three important aspects of your business – knowing your customers, engaging with your customers, and running smooth business operations. 

It can also help you to track inventory, compile sales reports in one place, manage multiple promotions, monitor employee shifts and performance, as well as manage multiple outlets effortlessly anytime, anywhere.

What is StoreHub’s pricing?

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS system, QR Order and Pay, CRM, loyalty
Software pricingFrom RM 108 per month (billed annually)

+ Employee management: unlimited for free
+ Advanced inventory: included for free
+ Integrations: included for free
POS hardware costsFrom RM1,450
Accounting integration(s)– QuickBooks
– Financio
– Xero
Food delivery integration(s)Yes

What are StoreHub’s features?

Let’s explore how StoreHub’s features can help you run your cafe. 

Here are some key features:

  • POS system: drive sales and streamline your F&B operations.
  • QR Order & Pay: enable customers to order and pay for their meals using only their mobile devices.
  • Inventory management: track and control your inventory, down to the individual ingredients you’re using and the total value of your stock.
  • Multi-location management: manage operations and performance across multiple locations from one dashboard.
  • Reporting and analytics: leverage real-time insights to make better business decisions, even when you’re on the go.
  • Employee management: reduce time spent on manual HR tasks.
  • Online ordering: maintain your margins by allowing customers to order delivery or self-pick-up directly from your store.
  • WebStore: build, manage and grow your ecommerce & online business.
  • Loyalty: reward existing customers and drive repeat purchases.
  • SMS marketing: run targeted promotions and increase revenue.

Food delivery integration

Offering food delivery services can be a game-changer for your cafe, allowing you to tap into a broader customer base and increase revenue. 

Foodpanda and Shopeefood are integrated with your StoreHub POS, making it easier for you to provide food delivery services to your customers.

On top of that, Beep Delivery is also integrated with your POS. And at just 9% transaction fee, you can open up additional revenue streams all while lowering your operating costs.

Orders from these delivery platforms are seamlessly routed to your POS system and kitchen, eliminating the need for manual entry or the use of multiple devices. This not only reduces errors but also maximise counter space efficiency.

Multi Location Management

StoreHub allows you to manage your cafe across multiple outlets from one dashboard. You can easily customise your menu to be the same in all locations or have different menus specific to each location. 

Managing your cafe from one dashboard also simplifies stock management and transfers between outlets, saving you costs on unsold inventory.

Customer Loyalty

A customer scanning for Casback from a receipt with his phone at a cafe.

Rewarding customers is a proven strategy for driving repeat business and growing sales. With a built-in loyalty program like Cashback, your cafe can offer an incentive to get them to spend with you again. 

SMS Marketing

Happy customer smiling at a promotional text in a cafe.

In an age of information overload, SMS marketing stands out as a direct and effective communication channel. 

With an integrated system like StoreHub Engage that’s linked to your POS, you can send automated promo messages and reminders that encourage your customers to dine at your cafe again. 

This is crucial, as returning customers tend to spend 1.9x more.

There are six types of different campaign templates to choose from:

  • Cashback Reminder: Remind your customers to come back and use their cashback
  • Expiring Cashback Alerts: Bring your customers back before their cashback expires
  • Win back Lost Customers: Remind your old customers to come back with special promos
  • Birthday Promotions: Send customers a birthday promo to celebrate with you! 
  • Welcome New Customers: Give your new customers a welcome promo they can’t resist!

All you have to do is set it up once and your customers will be coming back to your cafe in no time. Automated promo messages and reminders encourages repeat orders and keeps your loyal customers coming back.

QR Order & Pay

Customer scanning QR code on table to order at a cafe.

StoreHub’s QR Order & Pay is a simple solution for dine-in, pick-up, and deliveries.

Your customers can scan a QR code to order and select if they want it for dine-in or takeaway with just a few taps. And to make it convenient for your customers, they can choose their preferred payment method from options like Touch n Go Ewallet, card payment, or pay at the counter.

There is less room for mistakes or miscommunication from your customer to your staff and the kitchen because orders are sent directly to your POS.

2. Loyverse

POS system for cafe.

Loyverse is a point-of-sale system that lets you manage single or multiple stores. You are able to handle your sales, inventory, and staff from your smartphone or tablet.

Features and Pricing

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS system
Software pricingFree but any additional features come with a fee.

+ Employee management: RM22.20/per month/per employee
+ Advanced inventory: RM110.85/per store
+ Integrations: RM39.70/per store
POS hardware costsNo POS hardware is sold.

However, they partner with multiple distributors to offer additional hardwares such as scanners and printers.
Accounting integration(s)– QuickBooks
– Xero
Food delivery integration(s)Yes

Multi-Store Management

Loyverse helps you manage your inventory for all your outlets from one place. This makes it simple for you to track your inventory and plan logistics based on the consolidated sales from each outlet.

3. Hubbo

POS system that can be used in cafe in KL.

Hubbo (formerly known as Aliments) is a cloud-based POS system primarily designed for F&B businesses. It is a system that assists you in managing your cafe’s daily operations, such as taking orders and processing payments.

Features and Pricing

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS system, QR, delivery, loyalty, number calling system
Software pricingFrom RM990/year
POS hardware costsSoftware + Hardware:
– From RM2,690/year*

*Software and Hardware need to be renewed together yearly
*No hardware ownership
Accounting integration(s)– Biztory 
– SQL Accounting 
– Autocount, 
– Quickbook
– Xero
– Financio Integration
Food delivery integration(s)Yes

Contactless Ordering

Hubbo offers contactless ordering, which allows customers to view the menu, order, and pay from their mobile devices. 

This makes the ordering process more convenient for your customers and allows your staff to focus on other areas of the cafe.

4. Zeoniq

Zeoniq is a POS system that allows cafe owners to manage multiple stores, all from a single platform. 

It helps manage your inventory, tracks sales, and provides comprehensive reporting tools, ultimately saving time and reducing operational complexities for cafe owners.

Features and Pricing

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS, QR, and Kitchen Display System (KDS)
Software pricingFrom RM1800

+Testing and training: RM800
+Cable pulling: RM500
+Zeoniq Web Order Self Order Module: RM1000
POS hardware costsFrom RM2980

+Thermal receipt printer: RM500 per unit
+ Cash drawer: RM230 per unit
+ Network switch: RM100
Accounting integration(s)– SQL Accounting 
– AutoCount
– Payroll
Food delivery integration(s)Yes

Self-Order System

Zeoniq’s self-order system enables customers to place orders through a QR code at their tables. 

Customers can view the menu, make their selections, and place their orders directly from their smartphones.

This not only reduces wait times for your customers but also allows cafe staff to concentrate on other essential tasks.


To run a successful business, you need a tool that helps you manage your inventory, manage employees, and provide you with valuable data, making your investment worthwhile.

In Malaysia, there are many providers offering different features to support businesses. This can be confusing because as your business grows, your needs change. You’ll need different features to support it.

With StoreHub, you’ll get an all-in-one cloud-based solution for your business which allows you to run your cafe with a peace of mind from anywhere and anytime. 

Additionally, StoreHub offers an easy-to-use loyalty program and SMS Marketing tool to help keep customers coming back to your cafe. There are also 30+ other features to help you run and grow your business in the long run; giving you better bang for your buck.

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