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StoreHub vs Zeoniq: What’s the better choice for your restaurant?

A group of Malaysian friends eating at a restaurant

If you’ve been looking for a point-of-sale (POS) system for a while, you’ve probably heard about StoreHub and Zeoniq.

Both serve mostly F&B businesses such as restaurants and cafes. But, they’ve got their own set of features that can help with your needs and goals.

To help you find the right POS for your business, we’ve created this comprehensive guide on what you need to know about StoreHub and Zeoniq.

What is Zeoniq?

 A Malaysian restaurant staff operating a Zeoniq POS

Zeoniq is a point-of-sale system that lets businesses streamline their processes and operations. Their features include self order system, customer management system, and other integrations.

Zeoniq’s features in Malaysia

Here are some of the key features that Zeoniq offers:

  • POS System: to make operations faster and easier.
  • Self Order System: to reduce order mistakes through QR ordering, table ordering devices, or self-ordering kiosks.
  • Customer Management System: to reward customers to keep them coming back.

What is StoreHub?

Malaysian restaurant staff operating a StoreHub POS system

StoreHub is a cloud-based POS system built for all types of businesses including restaurants and cafes. It’s a full ecosystem of 30+ features including inventory management, loyalty, SMS Marketing, QR Order & Pay, and real-time analytics.

StoreHub’s features in Malaysia

Here are some of the key features that StoreHub offers:

  • POS system: to make day-to-day operations more efficient.
  • QR Order & Pay: to avoid long queues and order mistakes by letting customers view the menu, order, and pay through their smartphones.
  • Inventory management: to effectively manage inventory to avoid any waste and optimise costs.
  • Multi-location management: to manage multiple stores anytime, anywhere (no need to be in-store anymore).
  • Reporting and analytics: to utilise real-time sales reports and data to make better business decisions.
  • Employee management: to cut down on time spent doing HR tasks.
  • Online ordering for F&B: to allow customers to order delivery or pick up, effectively opening up another revenue stream.
  • Loyalty: to encourage repeat purchases by rewarding customers.
  • SMS Marketing: to send automated SMSes to remind customers to spend with your store.

Watch this video to learn how Ilyas of Sugar And I used SMS Marketing to increase their profits:

StoreHub vs Zeoniq: main comparison

If you need a clearer comparison of StoreHub and Zeoniq’s prices and features, check out the table below:

Main productsPOS system, QR Order and Pay, CRM, loyaltyPOS
Software and Hardware pricingSoftware:
– From RM1,290/year

POS Hardware:
– From RM1,450* 

*One-off payment to own the device
– RM 1,800/year

POS Hardware:
– RM 2,980
QR Ordering FeesFREE on all plansCharged monthly
Accounting integration(s)YesYes
Food delivery integration(s)YesYes
Other featuresInventory management
Sales reporting & analytics
Employee management
Full CRM, offline & online
QR Order & Pay
Multi-location management
Automated SMS marketing
Loyalty (promos & cashback)
Kitchen Display System
Self Order System
Customer Management System

Loyalty Programs: StoreHub vs Zeoniq

A Malaysian staff serving customers at a restaurant

Building loyalty is an important part of every business, including restaurants like yours.

StoreHub Loyalty is an easy-to-use loyalty program that’s integrated with your StoreHub POS system. You can customise your in-store and online promotions and at the same time, make it so easy for your customers to redeem their cashback or store credit via just their mobile phones!

On top of that, you can also use StoreHub Engage to send personalised and automated SMSes to remind your customers to keep coming back to your restaurant.

All you have to do is choose from the following campaigns we’ve already set up for you: 

  • Cashback Reminders: to drive more sales by reminding customers to claim their cashback.
  • Birthday Promotions: to give customers surprise vouchers and deals on their special day.
  • Win Back Lost Customers: to send messages to customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while. 
  • Custom Campaigns: to send customised messages to your customers especially when you’ve got a new sale or product.

It’s as simple as that. No fancy marketing tools or experts needed. Once the SMS is sent, your customers can simply show the SMS to claim their special vouchers or discount on their next visit.

On the other hand, Zeoniq lets you reward your customers with personalised deals and promotions, run promotional campaigns, and digitalise card-based programs. 

QR Ordering: StoreHub vs Zeoniq

A customer ordering food at a restaurant through his phone

Because of the pandemic, a lot of restaurants have been facing labour shortages up to this day.

While diners are more eager than ever to eat out, businesses continue to struggle to hire more staff to meet these demands.

That’s where QR Ordering comes in.

With StoreHub’s QR Order & Pay, your customers can view the menu, order, and pay through their chosen payment option all through their smartphone. 

The menu is also easy to browse and customisable! Whether you want to highlight your bestsellers or newly launched dishes, you can edit and manage them all in your StoreHub POS.

QR Order & Pay also allows you to gather customer data to help you understand customer preferences, make better business decisions, or even send SMSes to promote your restaurant. 

Meanwhile, Zeoniq’s Self Order System offers QR Ordering but the ordering interface is non-customsiable which can make it harder for you to highlight certain dishes.

Summary: which is better for your restaurant – StoreHub or Zeoniq?

A Malaysian restaurant staff serving a plate of food to the customers

Both POS Systems are great in supporting restaurants like yours. But at the end of the day, it depends on your priorities and goals.

Zeoniq is a straightforward choice for streamlining your day-to-day operations.

However, its software and hardware fees are higher than StoreHub. On top of that, its Self Order System requires an additional monthly charge which may be a huge investment for growing businesses.

Meanwhile, StoreHub is a great option for restaurants that want a more robust and all-in-one solution in the long run. 

Whether you’re in the process of growing your restaurant, expanding to new markets, looking to build loyalty, or just want to improve on customer service, StoreHub’s 30+ features are built to support you no matter what phase your business is in.

Want to learn more about StoreHub and how we can help you run and grow your business worry-free? 
Just watch this quick video or book a FREE DEMO below!

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