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MCO 2.0: What Does It Mean For Your F&B Business

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Following the rise in COVID-19 cases, MCO 2.0 has been enforced in Malaysia. 

From January 13th to 26th January 2021, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and 4 other key areas will be placed under the Movement Control Order (MCO) once again.

What does MCO 2.0 mean for F&B businesses in Malaysia?

The new lockdown standard operating procedures (SOP) states that there will be: 

  • No dine-ins allowed
  • No interstate and inter-district travel
  • No social gatherings 
  • Roadblocks will be mounted – movement will be limited to a 10km radius 
  • Only 2 people per household allowed per vehicle
  • Only 2 people allowed to head out to purchase groceries and necessities 
  • Non-essential services staff to work from home
  • Eateries and hawker stalls may operate but only take-aways allowed
  • Food delivery services allowed 

How can your F&B business survive MCO 2.0?

A Malaysian business owner using her laptop

We’ve done it once and we’ll have to do it again! 

Here are two main things your F&B business should offer:

  1. Contactless payment and ordering for walk-in/dine-customers
  2. Food delivery

If you haven’t already set up these two critical things from the previous MCO, it’s time to do so now!

As we’ve seen from 2020, the MCO in Malaysia will continue to change and evolve depending on the number of COVID-19 cases, so it’s best that you stay prepared at all times.

1. Food delivery is critical for survival

A delivery rider delivering food

With the prohibition of dine-ins and inter-district/interstate travel, your F&B business is going to have a drastic drop in sales. 

But what have we learned in the previous lockdown?

When customers can’t come to you, YOU should bring the food to them! 

With food delivery:

  • Customers can order from the comfort of their home
  • There will be reduced human activity in your outlet
  • You’ll have the ability to serve customers that can’t travel to your outlet

Looking for a delivery platform that’s quick and easy to set up?

Beep Delivery is here to help! 

With a 20km delivery radius, Beep Delivery solves the problem of reaching inter-district customers as it allows you to serve them without distance limitations. 

2. It’s time to enable contactless ordering

A person looking at a menu on her phone

Contactless ordering is also important in increasing your chances of getting more sales so your business can survive. 

It’s no surprise that people will be uncomfortable going out or coming into close contact with others. 

When customers come in for a quick takeaway, touching things that other people have touched will also be a big no-no. 

This means that having a contactless ordering and payment system is more important now than ever!

How do you do this?

QR Order & Pay!

Benefits of QR Order & Pay:

  • Customers and staff can avoid touching menus, bills, and receipts
  • Automated and easier way of collecting and tracking customer names and phone numbers for contact tracing and customer loyalty program
  • Cashless and contactless payment
  • Reduced contact between customers and staff
  • Less back and forth movement between tables and kitchen
  • Faster and smoother ordering and payment process

Stay safe #KitaJagaKita

We understand that it’s going to be a continuous uphill battle but the best way to adapt is to prepare your restaurant/cafe for this new normal.

The reality is, that not every F&B business will thrive.

So you have to equip yourself with the right tools to help you run and grow your business, no matter what. Just like StoreHub!

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