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Dynamic vs Static QR: Which is Better for Your Restaurant?

QR Order & Pay by StoreHub

In the digital age, the food and beverage (F&B) industry is continuously evolving, and restaurant owners are always looking for innovative ways to enhance customer experience and simplify operations. 

One of the technological advancements that have significantly transformed the dining experience, particularly in Malaysia, is QR Order & Pay, a digital ordering system for restaurants utilising QR codes.

How does it work?

QR Order & Pay streamlines restaurant operations by enabling customers to use their smartphones to scan a QR code, browse the menu, place orders, and make payments using a variety of payment methods.

This isn’t just convenient; it also allows your customers to order at their own pace. It’s so simple that the transaction can be completed in just two minutes, offering a simpler and faster ordering method that can, in turn, speed up table turnover.

The digital menu format provides additional space for restaurants to include detailed descriptions and highlights of their dishes and specialties without relying on printing, which may incur additional costs. 

This enhancement in menu presentation frees up staff to focus more on delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable dining experience.

This technology comes in two main forms: Dynamic QR Order & Pay and Static QR Order & Pay.

What is Dynamic QR Order & Pay?

Dynamic QR Order & Pay by StoreHub

Dynamic QR Order & Pay offers an easy and effortless start to digital ordering in any restaurant. Simply use your existing receipt printer to get up and running immediately. 

It’s simple – generate unique ordering codes for each table through your POS system, which can be tailored based on real-time customer traffic in your restaurant. These codes can also include specific expiration times to enhance security and operational efficiency.

The time-sensitive nature of each code is also crucial for preventing unauthorised or prank orders, thus minimising potential revenue loss and food wastage. 

With Dynamic QR Order & Pay, you can also update your QR menu and adjust dining times for your customers effortlessly, without the need for permanent displays or fixtures. This reduces initial costs and provides great flexibility and customisation. 

Such features make Dynamic QR Order & Pay an excellent option for contemporary establishments aiming to speed up operations and increase table turnover, ultimately enhancing revenue.

What is Static QR Order & Pay?

Static QR Order & Pay by StoreHub

Static QR Order & Pay uses QR codes that are permanently placed on items like table stickers or standees within your restaurant. Each QR code is unique to its table and directs customers to your digital menu when scanned. This ensures that orders are always placed from the correct table.

This method is particularly effective for businesses with stable operations and moderate traffic. It eliminates the need for constantly printing new QR codes, streamlining the ordering process and enhancing efficiency.

The use of permanent QR codes also allows for the inclusion of detailed instructions on printed materials. This can be particularly helpful for customers who might need additional guidance on how to order and pay.

However, a potential downside is that the QR codes are always accessible and could be misused, possibly leading to prank or ghost orders.

Although there’s an initial investment in creating durable QR materials, these may eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear, which could incur additional costs over time.

Despite these challenges, this system offers a practical solution for restaurants looking to simplify their ordering process and reduce operational demands, especially for those that don’t require frequent updates to their QR setups.

Dynamic vs Static QR Order & Pay: Main Comparison

If you’re a restaurant owner who’s unsure about which system may be better for your restaurant, here’s a clearer, side-by-side comparison:

BenefitsDynamic QRStatic QR
Ability to automatically collect customer data
1.5x faster table turnover
50% less manpower required
Update menu easily in just minutes
Accept multiple payment methods
Orders sent straight to the POS and kitchen, reducing order mistakes
Low effort to get started
No upfront costs (e.g. printing), thus resulting in lower overheads
Flexible, allowing you to set and customise time validity for busy periods
Less risk of ghost / prank orders

Which Suits Your Restaurant Best?

StoreHub’s QR Order & Pay Digital Menu

When choosing between Dynamic and Static QR Order & Pay systems for your restaurant, it’s crucial to understand which aligns better with your operational needs.

Static QR Order & Pay systems are ideal for small cafés and quick-service restaurants where space is limited and traffic is consistent. This system is suited in environments with a stable menu and minimal changes to table layouts, offering simplicity and practicality for businesses with straightforward service models.

On the other hand, Dynamic QR Order & Pay caters to restaurants looking to tailor their operational flow and enhance customer engagement. This flexible option is ideal for managing varying customer volumes, offering the capability to dynamically adapt service levels to improve both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It’s also perfect for businesses who are looking to implement digital ordering quickly and effortlessly, bypassing potential delays associated with printing stickers and standees.

To determine the best fit, assess your restaurant’s operational demands, customer preferences, and financial capabilities. Choosing the appropriate QR ordering system is essential for aligning with your business goals and improving the dining experience.

StoreHub provides both Dynamic and Static QR Order & Pay options to cater to diverse restaurant needs. If you’re looking to streamline operations, increase table turnover, and enhance revenue, schedule a free demo with StoreHub today.

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