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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Prevention Tips And Myth Busters For Small Business Owners

coronavirus COVID-19 prevention tips and myth busters StoreHub blog thumbnail

coronavirus COVID-19 prevention tips and myth busters StoreHub blog thumbnail

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Malaysia: Prevention Tips And Myth Busters For Small Business Owners

Prevention is better than cure and education is the key to prevention.

As a small business owner, you are the leader of your business and in your community.

So be sure to do your part by educating your staff and customers on how to be safe during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Follow and spread these coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention tips and myth busters:

8 essential coronavirus COVID-19 prevention tips

1. Stay at home as much as possible and follow your government’s quarantine or movement restrictions 

2. Wash your hands with soap and clean running water for 20 seconds

3. Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are dirty

4. Practice social distancing by keeping a 1-metre distance away with people

5. Self-isolate for 14 days if you’re unwell, have come into contact with someone unwell, or if you’ve just returned from another country

6. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue (which you must throw away immediately)

7. Avoid sharing personal items that come into contact with your body (phone, makeup, utensils, etc.)

8. Clean and disinfect surfaces of things that are touched often or are brought into your shop or home (tables, door handles, checkout counters, groceries, etc.)

Coronavirus COVID-19 myths and facts according to WHO

MYTH 1 – Exposing yourself to the sun or temperatures higher than 25 degrees can prevent COVID-19

FACT – Countries with hot weather like Malaysia and Singapore have reported coronavirus COVID-19 case. Additionally, using hand dryers or taking a hot bath will not prevent you from catching the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.


MYTH 2 – You can’t recover from the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease

FACT – Most of the people who catch COVID-19 can recover and eliminate the virus from their bodies after they’ve received supportive care.

MYTH 3 – You don’t have COVID-19 if you can hold your breath for 10 seconds

FACT – The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are dry cough, tiredness and fever. The only foolproof way to prove that you don’t have COVID-19 is through laboratory tests.


MYTH 4 – Drinking any form of alcohol can prevent COVID-19

FACT – Drinking alcohol will not protect you from the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease. 


MYTH 5 – Coronavirus (COVID-19) can’t be transmitted in hot and humid climates

FACT – Countries with hot and humid climates have reported COVID-19 cases.


MYTH 6 – Cold temperatures can kill the coronavirus (COVID-19)

FACT – The normal human body temperature is 36.5 – 37 degrees Celsius regardless of external temperature. So there is no reason to believe that cold temperature will kill the coronavirus.


MYTH 7 – The coronavirus (COVID-19) disease can be transmitted through mosquito bites

FACT – At the moment there is no data or evidence to prove this theory.


MYTH 8 – An Ultraviolet disinfection lamp can prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease

FACT – UV radiation causes skin irritation and hasn’t been proven to prevent COVID-19.


MYTH 9 – Rinsing your nose with saline can prevent the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease

FACT – There is no proven data or evidence that regularly rinsing your nose with saline water prevents COVID-19 infection.


MYTH 10 – Eating garlic prevents the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease

FACT There is no proven data or evidence that eating garlic prevents COVID-19 infection.


MYTH 11 – The coronavirus (COVID-19) disease affects mostly older people

FACT – COVID-19 is a virus that does not see age, gender, race, religion, or skin colour. It affects people of all creeds. People with weaker immune systems appear to be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill with the virus, so taking care of your health during this time is very important.


MYTH 12 – There are antibiotics and medications that can cure COVID-19

FACT No, antibiotics do not work against viruses, only bacteria. COVID-19 is a virus. There are no specific medications to date that cure COVID-19. 

Check out WHO’s website for more information.

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