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Top 3 POS Systems for your Restobar

Restobar owner in the Philippines using a StoreHub point-of-sale

Running a successful restobar in the Philippines requires more than just offering great food and creating the perfect atmosphere – you’ll also need to provide exceptional service, manage inventory, and drive sales growth in order to stand out from the competition.

The key to this lies in choosing the right point-of-sale (POS) ecosystem. Unlike traditional systems, modern POS solutions are cloud-based; equipped with a range of features to support the growth and management of your business.

In this article, we will delve into three leading POS systems – StoreHub, UTAK, and Mosaic; and explore the key features that are essential for running and growing a restobar.

1. StoreHub

StoreHub point-of-sale on a restobar countertop

StoreHub is the operating system for over 15,000 F&B businesses and retailers across Southeast Asia. 

It’s an all-in-one, cloud-based POS that’s equipped with over 30 features, including employee management, inventory management, automated SMS marketing, QR Order & Pay, and advanced reporting & analytics.

Here’s all you need to know about StoreHub:

What is StoreHub’s pricing?

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS system, QR Order and Pay, CRM, loyalty
Software pricingFrom ₱1,874/month
(billed annually)
POS hardware costsFrom ₱21,339

+ Cash drawer: ₱3,571
+ Thermal printer: ₱6,026
+ Barcode scanner: ₱3,571
BIR registration₱1,000
Accounting integration(s)Yes
Food delivery integration(s)Yes

What are StoreHub’s features?

Here are some of StoreHub’s key features that make running a restobar more efficient:

  • POS system: streamline your day-to-day F&B operations.
  • QR Order & Pay: let customers order and pay for their orders with just their smartphones.
  • Inventory management: track and control your inventory, from the individual ingredients you’re using to the total value of your stock.
  • Multi-location management: manage operations across multiple locations, even if you’re not in-store.
  • Reporting and analytics: access real-time data and reports that’ll help you make better business decisions.
  • Employee management: reduce time spent on manual HR tasks.
  • Online ordering for F&B: provide a better customer experience by offering delivery and self-pick-up.
  • WebStore: help build and grow your ecommerce and online business.
  • Loyalty: provide customers easy-to-redeem rewards to drive repeat purchases.
  • SMS Marketing: send automated and personalized SMSes to increase revenue and loyal customers

Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important part of running a sustainable restobar, as it allows business owners like you to optimize your operating costs and streamline operations.

With StoreHub, manual stock counting becomes a thing of the past, saving you time and minimizing the potential for costly human errors. Everything is tracked in real-time, giving you a clear view of costs and available stock.

For F&B business owners, StoreHub’s composite inventory feature lets you monitor the ingredients you use, providing automated alerts if stock levels are getting low. You can also manage purchase orders with suppliers.

In addition, you can leverage comprehensive inventory reports to make well-informed business decisions. If you have multiple outlets, StoreHub makes it easy to transfer inventory seamlessly between your stores, too.

QR Order & Pay

Picture a bustling Happy Hour at your restobar, with a vibrant atmosphere and a full house of customers. However, without an efficient table and order management system, wait times potentially become longer, and chances of order mix-ups are high – leading to a frustrating customer experience.

With StoreHub’s QR Order & Pay, you can prevent exactly that. All customers have to do is scan the QR code on their table to view your menu, place their order, and make payment – all from their mobile device.

This allows your staff to concentrate on preparing the food, delivering it to the customers’ tables, and ensuring top-notch service.

Orders are seamlessly and automatically sent to your POS and kitchen as well, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing the likelihood of order errors.

Check out this video to learn more:

Customer Loyalty

Did you know that a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in profits by up to 75%? This means that returning customers are more likely to help you boost your profits compared to new ones. 

That’s why it’s important to ensure that your restobar has a robust customer loyalty system in place. 

With StoreHub, you can run your own loyalty program that’s integrated with your POS – drawing your customers in via Cashback that incentivizes them to return and spend their earnings.

StoreHub Engage also allows you to automatically send personalized SMS reminders to your customers about promotions and latest offers; all at a low annual fee.

Watch this quick video to learn more about StoreHub Engage!

BIR Accreditation

StoreHub is a BIR-accredited POS system that simplifies tax filing for business owners in the Philippines – making it easier for you to operate a compliant restobar.

At just ₱1,000, StoreHub will help you register your POS system with the BIR so that you can focus on running your business efficiently.


UTAK POS system for restobar

UTAK is also a cloud-based POS system for F&B businesses in the Philippines. It is web-based, and allows you to organize your sales, inventory, expenses, and staff attendance – all via a tablet.

Features and Pricing

UTAK’s features are also tailored for F&B business owners, and include:

  • POS Hardware: to set up your F&B business and start selling.
  • Sales Reports: to track your business’ performance with graphs and analytics to understand your inventories, customers, and sales.
  • Inventory Management: to track and control your inventory from purchasing raw materials to selling customers the finished product.
  • Staff Attendance Monitoring: to track and report on staff work hours.
  • POS-integrated Website: to receive online orders on the POS system.

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS system
Software PricingFrom ₱2,333/month
(billed for 6 months)

(billed on the 7 month and onwards)
POS hardware costsFrom ₱29,000

+ Cash Drawer: ₱4,000
+ Thermal Printer: ₱10,000
+ Sticker Printer: ₱10,000
+ Barcode Scanner: ₱5,000
BIR Registration₱4,000 (through a partner)
Accounting integration(s)None
Food delivery integration(s)None

BIR Accreditation

As of November 2023, UTAK is not included in the official BIR-accredited softwares and/or hardwares list

However, according to a recent email enquiry, UTAK is able to help you register your POS system with the BIR through one of their partners for ₱4,000

3. Mosaic

Restobar staff using Mosaic POS

Like others, Mosaic is also a cloud-based POS system. It supports F&B and retail businesses of all sizes.

Features and Pricing

Mosaic offers features designed to support F&B business operations, including:

  • POS system: to help you manage and streamline your daily business operations. 
  • Inventory system: to track and update sold and available stocks, preventing overstocking or stock shortages.
  • Analytics: to give an overview of sales over a specific period. 
  • Purchasing system: to organize your purchasing from different suppliers.

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS System, Analytics, Purchasing system, Inventory system
Software pricingFrom ₱2,000/month for 2 years

*exclude analytics, purchasing system, inventory system
POS hardware costsFrom ₱10,459

+ Cash drawer: ₱3,750
+ Thermal Printer: ₱12,660
+ Tablet Stand: ₱1,918
BIR registrationNone
Accounting integration(s)Yes
Food delivery integration(s)None

Inventory Management

Similar to StoreHub, Mosaic’s real-time inventory management allows business owners to manage their food costs and operations more efficiently. 

There is also a built-in forecasting tool that helps you to predict the longevity of your inventory based on sales history.


Ultimately, choosing a POS system depends on your specific needs and budget. However, if you’re looking for a long-term solution that not only meets the needs of your business today, but also opens doors for business growth in the future – StoreHub may be the right choice for you.

While all three POS ecosystems offer valuable features, StoreHub emerges as the best bang for your buck for restobars in the Philippines. Its inventory management, loyalty program, automated SMS marketing, employee management, and QR Order & Pay provide a comprehensive solution for running a successful restobar.

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