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Top 3 POS Systems for Your Restaurant In The Philippines

A waitress at a restaurant is smiling at the customer while giving her order.

Do you have a restaurant business in the Philippines? You must already know that managing a restaurant here is not easy, right? It’s not just about providing food; you need to ensure top-notch customer service, short waiting times, accurate order-taking, and much more. 

Not enough hands to handle everything at once? That’s why your restaurant business needs a point-of-sale (POS) system to efficiently and quickly manage your restaurant operations. Not only that, a robust POS system can also pave the way for a more efficient and successful restaurant.

Let’s check out three commonly used POS systems by many restaurants in the Philippines: StoreHub, Mosaic, and UTAK, which might be suitable for your business.

1. StoreHub

A male restaurant cashier is standing in front of the POS system and ready to check out a customer's order.

StoreHub is an all-in-one POS system in the Philippines that’s designed for various businesses, including those in the F&B industry. 

StoreHub’s POS system not only helps you track customers’ orders but also efficiently manages your daily operations, boosts your revenue, and grows your business. 

With over 30 features, StoreHub has helped more than 15,000 businesses across Southeast Asia manage their operations, transitioning from manual daily operations using a cash register machine.


Pricing and Features
Main productsPOS system, QR Order and Pay, CRM, loyalty
POS hardware costsFrom ₱21,339

+ Cash drawer: ₱3,571
+ Thermal printer: ₱6,026
+ Barcode scanner: ₱3,571
Software costsFrom ₱1,874/month 
(billed annually)
BIR registration₱1,000
Accounting integration(s)– Quickbooks 
– Zero
Food delivery integration(s)Yes


Here are some of StoreHub’s key features that can help you grow your business: 

  • POS system: easily manage your orders, payments, sales reports, and promotions all under a single platform.
  • QR Order & Pay: reduce waiting times and simplify the payment process for both your staff and customers, effectively addressing manpower shortages.
  • Inventory management: get real-time inventory tracking and stock synchronisation to optimise costs and reduce waste. 
  • Multi-location management: easily oversee and manage multiple branches from any location.
  • Employee management: track your staff’s performance and reduce time spent on manual HR tasks.
  • Online ordering for F&B: increase your profits through delivery or self-pick-up options.
  • Webstore: build, manage, and grow your F&B business online.
  • Loyaltyreward and drive repeat purchases among your existing customers.
  • SMS Marketing: send automated and personalized SMS reminders to customers about your promotions.

Online Ordering and Beep Delivery

Through online ordering and Beep Delivery, you can now take control of your food delivery channels by attracting more customers beyond your store’s radius and generating more profits.

With as many as 2.7 million active users, restaurant owners can boost sales and easily connect with customers through

Unlike other food delivery platforms, Beep offers:

  • Low transaction fees, only 9%
  • Control over delivery radius up to 20km
  • POS integration – online and walk-in restaurant orders will be seamlessly updated in the POS system, and Cashback will be automatically applied based on values set by the merchants.

While StoreHub has its own food delivery platform and riders, it also seamlessly integrates with Foodpanda, one of the Philippines’ largest food delivery companies.

This means restaurant owners like you can feel at ease with StoreHub, as the POS system will automatically record and track food delivery orders, eliminating the need for manual input, which cannot be done by a cash register machine.

2. Mosaic

Mosaic offers two types of POS systems: Android and tablet.

Some business owners in the Philippines use Mosaic to help with their restaurant operations. Like other POS providers, it offers a cloud-based POS system that supports businesses of all sizes, including restaurants and cafes.

Mosaic comes with features like a POS system, inventory and purchasing management systems, and analytics. These features help businesses run smoothly and make smart decisions.


Pricing and Features
Main productsPOS System, Analytics, Purchasing system, Inventory system
POS hardware costsFrom ₱10,459

+ Cash drawer: ₱3,750
+ Thermal Printer: ₱12,660
+ Tablet Stand: ₱1,918
Software costsFrom ₱2,000/month for 2 years
*exclude analytics, purchasing system, inventory system
Cost to purchase all software featuresMosaic POS with 3 additional features
= ₱10,000/month
BIR registrationNo
Accounting integration(s)– Xero
– Quickbooks 
– Navision
Food delivery integration(s)No

Inventory Management

Mosaic offers a real-time inventory management feature that enables restaurant owners to efficiently control and manage food costs and operations without experiencing overstocking issues. 

Additionally, it includes a built-in forecasting tool that helps predict inventory longevity based on sales history.

At the moment, Mosaic doesn’t have integration with any food delivery platforms in the Philippines. Therefore, the accuracy of the forecasting tool may be higher, as it only measures walk-in purchase orders


A woman cafe owner is using the tablet POS system while smiling.

UTAK is a cloud-based POS suitable for F&B businesses in the Philippines. UTAK POS system comes in handy as it offers only two POS options, tablet POS and mobile POS for restaurant owners to choose from.

To simplify daily tasks for business owners in running their restaurants, UTAK offers features such as a POS system, real-time sales reports, an inventory management system, as well as expenses management.


Pricing and Features
Main productsPOS system, inventory management system, staff attendance monitoring, expenses management.
POS hardware costsFrom ₱29,000

+ Cash Drawer: ₱4,000
+ Thermal Printer: ₱10,000
+ Sticker Printer: ₱10,000
+ Barcode Scanner: ₱5,000
Software costsFrom ₱2,333/month (billed for 6 months)

₱1,500/month (billed on the 7 months and onwards)
BIR registration₱4,000 (through a partner)
Accounting integration(s)None
Food delivery integration(s)None

BIR Accreditation

As of July 21, 2023, Utak is not listed in the official BIR-accredited software and/or hardware list. If you’re using Utak, they can assist you in registering your POS system with the BIR through one of their partners for a fee of ₱4,000.

In contrast, StoreHub is a BIR-accredited POS system, making tax filing easier for business owners in the Philippines. Whether you’re already running a business or planning to do so in the Philippines, StoreHub offers assistance in registering your POS system with the BIR for a fee of ₱1,000.

Summary: Which is better for your restaurant in the Philippines?

The waitress receives the order from the customer, a woman, while her co-worker is preparing the order.

To ensure your restaurant continues to grow, you need a system that can assist and manage daily operations efficiently. So, among these 3 POS systems, which do you feel is most suitable for your business? 

If you want to invest in a POS system that guarantees long-term savings and quality, then StoreHub’s all-in-one POS system is the best choice. With over 30 interesting features, including QR Order & Pay, inventory management, robust reporting & analytics, SMS marketing and a customer loyalty program, StoreHub isn’t just a system – it’s a tool to boost growth. It simplifies your operations, improves efficiency, and most importantly, increases your revenue. 

Want to know how the StoreHub POS system can advance your business? Click the FREE demo below now!

StoreHub full ecosystem

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