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Top 3 POS Systems for your Milk Tea Business

A milk tea business in the Philippines

Through the years, milk tea has remained a crowd favorite in the Philippines. 

And as a business owner, if you’re running a milk tea business in the Philippines, you would know that there are plenty of factors that contribute to the success of your business – employee management, inventory tracking, sales reporting, and many more.

Thankfully, the era of manual management is over. 

A robust point-of-sale (POS) ecosystem can help you to efficiently manage your business operations and track performance; so that you can focus on other aspects of your business such as providing the best customer experience, research & development, and of course; serving the tastiest drinks.

In this blog post, we will compare three popular POS systems for milk tea businesses in the Philippines: StoreHub, Loyverse, and UTAK.

1. StoreHub

A StoreHub POS on a milk tea business countertop

StoreHub is a BIR-accredited, cloud-based POS system designed for small and medium-sized businesses across various industries; including F&B and retail. 

Equipped with over 30 features, including QR Order & Pay, delivery, employee management, inventory management, and advanced reporting & analytics – it has become the system of choice for many F&B operators in the Philippines.

What is StoreHub’s pricing?

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS system, QR Order and Pay, CRM, loyalty
Software pricingFrom ₱1,874/month
(billed annually)
POS hardware costsFrom ₱21,339

+ Cash drawer: ₱3,571
+ Thermal printer: ₱6,026
+ Barcode scanner: ₱3,571
BIR registration₱1,000
Accounting integration(s)Yes
Food delivery integration(s)Yes

What are StoreHub’s features?

StoreHub’s suite of features are designed to make running a milk tea business efficient, and includes:

  • POS system: streamline your day-to-day operations.
  • QR Order & Pay: let customers order and pay for their orders with just their smartphones.
  • Inventory management: track and control your inventory, from the individual ingredients you’re using to the total value of your stock.
  • Multi-location management: manage operations across multiple locations, even if you’re not in-store.
  • Reporting and analytics: access real-time data and reports that’ll help you make better business decisions.
  • Employee management: reduce time spent on manual HR tasks.
  • Online ordering for F&B: provide a better customer experience by offering delivery and self-pick-up.
  • Loyalty: provide customers easy-to-redeem rewards to drive repeat purchases.
  • SMS Marketing: send automated and personalized SMSes to increase revenue and loyal customers.

Inventory Management

A successful milk tea business relies on maintaining a delicate balance of flavor variety, meeting customer preferences, and running operations smoothly. However, one crucial factor that determines success is how well inventory is managed.

Whether it’s tapioca pearls, various tea flavors, or toppings – maintaining a handle on inventory guarantees seamless operations, avoids shortages, minimizes waste, and keeps customers satisfied.

Achieving this relies on forecasting demand, monitoring ingredient usage, and fine-tuning stock levels to streamline production, control costs, and sustain profitability. Effective inventory management ensures your milk tea business delivers consistent quality, prompt service, and a competitive advantage.

With StoreHub’s inventory management feature, you’ll be able to leverage composite inventory that allows you to monitor individual ingredients for better cost efficiency. You’ll also get automated alerts when stock levels are getting low.  

Additionally, with advanced reporting & analytics, StoreHub helps you to make informed business decisions; such as identifying top-selling items and making menu updates. 

Loyalty Program

Did you know that over 70% of consumers say that they are likely to stay with a brand that has a loyalty program? If you’re not rewarding your loyal customers, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential sales. 

StoreHub offers a loyalty program that’s integrated with your POS. It enables you to offer cashback on their purchases that’s easy for your customers to claim, redeem, and track using just their smartphones – giving them a reason to return and spend at your store again. 

This, then, allows you to collect customer data such as their names, phone numbers, and birthdays, so that you can tailor and customize your promotions and messages to them. 

With StoreHub Engage, you’ll also get to send personalized and targeted SMS messages to your customer base – only one-time setup is required. Choose from a variety of campaign types to suit your business goals:

  • Cashback reminders: Remind your customers to return and spend their cashback; driving repeat visits and purchases.
  • Win back lost customers: Automatically send a message to customers who have not made a purchase from you in a while.
  • Birthday promotions: Reward customers and offer special promotions during their special day. 
  • Custom campaigns: Whether it’s a seasonal drink or an anniversary promotion, customize SMS campaigns to target whomever you want.

2. Loyverse

A Loyverse POS interface on smartphone and tablet

Loyverse allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a complete POS system. It is a popular choice for F&B businesses of all sizes, from restaurants, to cafés. 

However, it is not BIR-accredited, which means that you’ll need to write all your Official Receipts (OR) manually.

What is Loyverse’s Features & Pricing

Here are some of the key features that Loyverse offers:

  • POS (software): turn any smartphone and tablet into a Loyverse POS.
  • Inventory management: track, control, and manage your inventory. 
  • Employee management: keep an eye on your staff’s performance and plan their shifts.
  • Sales analytics: track any sales trends and find out which are your best or worst selling items.
  • Loyalty Program: view customers’ purchase history and encourage them to come back to your store.
  • Credit card payments: accept contactless payment methods such as credit cards.

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS
Software pricingFree but any additional features come with a fee.

+ Employee management: ₱1,421/per month/per store
+Advanced inventory: ₱1,421/per month/per store
+ Sales history: ₱284/per month/per store
POS hardware costsNo POS hardware is sold.

However, they partner with multiple distributors to offer additional hardware such as scanners and printers.
BIR registrationNone
Accounting integration(s)Yes
Food delivery integration(s)Yes

Loyalty Program

Loyverse offers a basic loyalty feature where customers get a physical loyalty card for store visits. The loyalty program is integrated with their POS, but to track points and gather customer data, you’ll have to scan the barcode on these cards. Customers can redeem these points on their subsequent purchases.

While it helps easily identify customers for you and your staff, it might be a bit of a hassle for customers – having to carry cards compared to the ease of managing everything from their smartphones, as with StoreHub.


UTAK POS on a countertop

UTAK is a POS system that’s used by F&B businesses in the Philippines, allowing you to organize your sales, inventory, expenses, and staff attendance via a tablet.

Similar to Loyverse, it is also not BIR-accredited. 

However, according to a recent email enquiry, UTAK is able to help you register your POS system with the BIR through one of their partners for ₱4,000.

What are UTAK’s Features and Pricing?

Some of UTAK’s features are as follows:

  • POS Hardware: set up your F&B business and start selling from just a tablet.
  • Sales Reports: track your business’ performance with graphs and analytics to understand your inventories, customers, and sales.
  • Inventory Management: track and control your inventory from purchasing raw materials to selling customers the finished product.
  • Staff Attendance Monitoring: track and report on staff work hours.
  • POS-integrated Website: receive online orders on the POS system.

Pricing and features
Main productsPOS system
Software pricingFrom ₱2,333/month
(billed for 6 months)

(billed on the 7 month and onwards)
POS hardware costsFrom ₱29,000

+ Cash Drawer: ₱4,000
+ Thermal Printer: ₱10,000
+ Sticker Printer: ₱10,000
+ Barcode Scanner: ₱5,000
BIR registration₱4,000 (through a partner)
Accounting integration(s)None
Food delivery integration(s)None

Inventory Management

Similar to StoreHub, UTAK also allows you to access data on your stocks in real-time via your web dashboard, which means you won’t need to spend time doing this manually.

It also gives you the ability to track best-seller and slow-moving items through its reporting & analytics feature.


We’ve taken a look at three popular POS providers for milk tea businesses in the Philippines, and compared the differences in pricing as well as features and functionalities. As a business owner, there are many factors to consider when making your choice – including pricing, business objectives, and goals.

Although UTAK and Loyverse might initially seem like the more cost-effective options, StoreHub stands out by offering the most comprehensive suite of solutions, making it the best value. 

When setting your business up for sustained growth, it’s crucial to consider factors beyond pricing. StoreHub’s array of features, including inventory management, a loyalty program, and automated SMS marketing, among others, provides all the tools you need for long-term efficiency and success.

Interested to learn more? Contact us for a free demo to get started.

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