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StoreHub Launches Food Delivery Feature & Directory To Keep F&B Businesses Running During The COVID-19 Movement Control Order

Beep Delivery online food delivery feature service F&B business SME cafe restaurant quickserve fast food press release StoreHub point of sale POS system

Beep Delivery online food delivery service feature F&B business SME cafe restaurant quickserve fast food press release StoreHub point of sale POS system

StoreHub Launches Food Delivery Feature & Directory To Keep F&B Businesses Running During The COVID-19 Movement Control Order



  • Tech company, StoreHub, has launched an F&B delivery feature on its platform to power food delivery & takeout for restaurants and cafes impacted by the COVID-19 Movement Control Order
  • StoreHub has partnered with GoGet and a consortium of logistics partners to provide food delivery services for over 3,000+ F&B businesses
  • They also launched, a directory of F&B businesses in Malaysia that offer food delivery services to Malaysians stranded at home throughout the MCO

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 March 2020StoreHub, a platform of cloud-based solutions for retail and F&B businesses, has launched a food delivery feature within its ecosystem of services called Beep Delivery.

This feature will bring thousands of F&B businesses online, enabling Malaysians to order food from their favourite cafes and restaurants during Malaysia’s 14-day Movement Control Order period.

All F&B businesses need to do is send their uniquely-generated website link to their customers to access their online menu and order. Delivery orders are then fulfilled by StoreHub’s consortium of on-demand delivery partners or customers can choose to pick up their order themselves.

Applying a direct-to-consumer approach to food delivery

This direct-to-consumer approach helps retailers save cost during this critical period. Instead of the 35% fee on every transaction charged by other 3rd-party food delivery marketplace apps, StoreHub’s fee is  only 2%. Taking a huge cut of their margins really hurt a restaurant’s ability to survive in this difficult time.

By heavily subsidising the cost of these fees in this period, StoreHub can ensure that restaurants will be able to scale up delivery while generating some very important cash flow that is actually profitable.  

To power delivery for these businesses, StoreHub has partnered with GoGet and a consortium of on-demand logistics providers, bringing together over 23,000 delivery riders across Kuala Lumpur, Penang and JB to serve Malaysians who are staying at home during these two weeks.

The team built the feature in 48 hours, starting just one day after the Movement Control Order was announced at 10PM on Monday, 16th March 2020. 

“The moment the MCO was announced, we saw a steep 80% drop of revenue, with a large number of businesses doing $0 in sales. There are approximately 200,000 F&B businesses in Malaysia so we knew we had to do something immediately”, said Fong Wai Hong, CEO and Co-founder of StoreHub. 
“We kickstarted a #SaveOurStores plan to enable ecommerce and food delivery for all of our merchants. It’s our top priority that we help local businesses keep running during this time. These businesses support the livelihoods of millions of  families throughout Malaysia”, said Wai Hong. 

“Some of the stores are already getting 100 orders a day coming through the platform. On average we’re seeing about 20 orders per active store. Many have told us they are grateful for this because they were otherwise getting 0 orders”.

According to a report by JP Morgan Chase, the average restaurant only holds 16 days of cash buffer. Knowing this compelled the team to rally around Beep Delivery and work non-stop to ensure that businesses don’t run out of cash.

Launching to support all F&B businesses across Malaysia

StoreHub also announced the launch of, a directory of F&B businesses in Malaysia that offers food delivery services directly to Malaysians stranded at home throughout the MCO. 

“We created to not only promote businesses who have enabled Beep Delivery, but also businesses that run their own food delivery services as well. During this period, F&B stores are facing the challenge of getting discovered online.


So we want to help connect them with fellow Malaysians who love their mom and pop stores. If you are an F&B business owner running your own food delivery and want to get on this directory, you can just submit a form to get listed on the website within 24 hours”, said Xin-Ci Chin, Head of Marketing at StoreHub.

What business owners are saying about Beep Delivery

“I’m really thankful for StoreHub for enabling Beep Delivery for us. We not only have over RM1,000 sales today (would have been RM0 if it was not for Beep Delivery), we also saw a 2X increase in the average order value! We are feeling hopeful, even during these times of uncertainty.”  – Darren Tan, Owner of IDC (Ice Dreams Cafe) in Petaling Jaya

“Setting up an online delivery platform has never been easier especially with the help of the very efficient team at StoreHub. I like it that the menu is customizable at the tip of your finger. Beep Delivery has made it easier for me to reach out to my regular customer by just sending them a link to order.” – Janice, Owner of Bucket B Cafe in Mutiara Damansara

About Beep Delivery

Beep Delivery is a food delivery feature on StoreHub’s platform of cloud-based services for retail and F&B businesses. Beep Delivery-enabled businesses will be provided with their own website link that they can then send to customers. From there, their customers will:

  1. Choose between self-pickup and delivery
  2. Browse the menu & order
  3. Key in their delivery address & details
  4. Pay with credit card, online banking, or e-wallets
  5. Receive their food
  6. Enjoy!

You can learn more about Beep Delivery here.

About StoreHub

StoreHub is the operating system of successful omnichannel businesses. Our platform enables more than 15,000 restaurant and retail entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia to automate the growth of their revenue and customer base, as well as the entire process of running their operations.

StoreHub was founded in 2013, starting off as an all-in-one tablet-based Point of Sale (POS) system that helps business owners manage and grow their store from a single platform. Since then, it has expanded its cloud-based offering to include a powerful QR loyalty cashback program, QR table ordering system for restaurants and cafes, and an easy-to-adopt ecommerce platform. 

More at

Download images and press pack: HERE

For more information on StoreHub, please contact: 

Simone Camy 

Marketing Project Manager 

Email: simone.camy[@]storehubcom 

Xin-Ci Chin 

Head Of Marketing 

Email: xinch[@]storehubcom 

StoreHub launches Beep Delivery F&B food delivery feature SME small business POS point of sale system

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