Use StoreHub + Xero to manage your entire business in the cloud

StoreHub Xero
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    StoreHub helps retail and F&B entrepreneurs grow and automate their businesses

    • Get access to instant, automatically-generated sales reports
    • Manage your inventory & get low stock notifications
    • Build a customer database & get customers to come back and spend
    • and 20+ more features
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Fully integrated POS + Online Accounting Solution for your stores

  • Fully automated data sync saves time and reduces human errors. No more manual imports and exports!

  • Shift summaries are automatically created as invoices in Xero the moment your cashier closes their shift on StoreHub POS.

  • You only need to set it up once and the rest is history

  • Xero automates and simplifies bookkeeping for small businesses

    • Get a realtime view of your cashflow from any device
    • Reconcile, send invoices, get claims on the go
    • Simplify your account reconciliation process
    • and more
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Fully automate your business operations today.